10 fitness tips to keep your routine going for the whole year

CLAPHAM, ENGLAND - AUGUST 08: Ryan Libbey at Run the Tube by ASICS, an 85-metre multi-sensory LED tunnel in Clapham Common for its #IMoveLondon campaign on August 8, 2017 in Clapham, England. Run the Tube aims to inspire Londoners to move more and use their city as their gym following research that revealed Brits spend most of their waking hours sitting down. Catch Run The Tube in Clapham Common before it closes on 10 August. (Photo by Harry Hubbard/Getty Images for Asics)

“New year, new me.” Same saying, different year.

Now, don’t get us wrong – it’s great to have that motivation every year, but what’s truly incredible is not giving up on it, and that’s where most people fail.

We want you to break that cycle and actually do it, so we’re giving you 10 easy and accurate tips to keep your workouts going throughout the whole year.

Monogamy is alive and well

Give yourself the best chance for fitness by using a personal trainer.

Sign yourself up to weird and wonderful classes – the only rule is to make sure you keep your fitness routine fun and fresh.

Friends with benefits

Everything’s better with friends.

Nothing’s more likely to make you stick to your goal than committing to a schedule with someone who’s depending on you.

And nobody wants to be that flaky friend, so you’ll be much more motivated.

Less is more

This photo taken on July 28, 2017 shows runners training in a gym in Shanghai. A growing number of young, educated, urban Chinese are shrugging off the myriad hazards to keep fit through serious running and the number of marathons and running events in the country is mushrooming. / AFP PHOTO / STR / China OUT / TO GO WITH AFP STORY LIFESTYLE-CHINA-RUNNING-HEALTH-POLLUTION,FEATURE BY PETER STEBBINGS (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)


If you are planning to work out every single day of the week, forget it. It never works.

Start with once or twice a week. It’s a solid start and more than enough – you can taste the sweetness of success and add on more days later.

It’s somebody’s birthday somewhere

Serbia's Novak Djokovic runs to return the ball to Russia's Daniil Medvedev during the Davis Cup World Group first round singles tennis match between Serbia and Russia at Cair sports hall in Nis, on February 3, 2017. / AFP / ANDREJ ISAKOVIC (Photo credit should read ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/AFP/Getty Images)


Don’t be afraid to eat cake – and by cake, we mean any sweet food.

As long as you control what you eat daily and cook most of your meals you’ll be alright.

This needs to be a lifestyle, not a life sentence – count the memories, not the calories.

Bin the scale

Forget the scale.

Don’t weigh yourself for the first month. Just go with the flow and relax.

That damn number will hardly change in the first few weeks anyway – so don’t let it frustrate you; it’s only normal.

Workout, drink your water and give it your best.

Challenge accepted

Curtis Knight, 13, runs laps outside the Louisville TKO Boxing Gymnasium on June 6, 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. The family of late boxing legend Muhammad Ali and the city of Louisville prepared for his public funeral later this week, which organizers said "The Greatest" helped plan himself as a "last statement" to the world. Ali was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. / AFP / Brendan Smialowski (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)


Find yourself a fitness challenge you can work towards.

It’s perfect. There’s a deadline, with the end in mind it’s so much easier to work out.

Plus you’ve paid, so there’s no backing out.

Try it before you fight it

If you don’t enjoy running the treadmill, don’t.

There are countless exercises and classes that you can and should try and, who knows, maybe even have fun with.

Find the two or three you really enjoy doing and become the best at it.

All gear, no idea

You might be clueless at working out, but fresh activewear really helps.

Humans are simple: pretty, new stuff excites us.

Activewear has been proven to make you feel more comfortable, confident and motivated to use it.

Remove, reduce, replace

NITEROI, BRAZIL - DECEMBER 29: Brazilian UFC flyweight fighter Priscila "Pedrita" Cachoeira trains at gym on December 29, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The trajectory of the carioca in the sport life began early. At age of 10 she started playing volleyball, stayed for six years until leaving the sport because of a great disappointment. Priscilla's father was absent and addicted to drugs and her mother having to work to support the house, was on the street that Priscilla found what she considered to be her comfort. A ex boyfriend took her to the funk dances on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Shortly thereafter, drug use, marijuana, cocaine and even the crack that was part of Priscila's life from 19 to 23 began. Drug user Priscila went to a kind of crackland in Bangu, a neighbourhood in the eastern zone of Rio de Janeiro. Three days without the strength to return home. Her salvation was a contact with a Church pastor who helped the chemists in the area and took her mother to meet her. The motivation to escape from the drug addiction was her mother and the discovery that she was pregnant. In that period, martial arts got into her routine thanks to a neighbour who invited her to a free muay thai class at a gym near where she lived. There the athlete was born again.Today Priscila "Pedrita" Cachoeira, 29, is hired by the UFC, drugs free, trains and lives in the back of the academy School of Lutas Niteri, one of the headquarters of Team Paran Vale Tudo - PRVT of her coach, Gilliard Paran. On February 3, "Pedrita" will face Valentina Schevchenko of Russia at UFC Fight Night 125 in Belem. 'One of my dreams is to be able to build an institution where I can help drug users', she quotes. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)


This is a practical one.

Write out all the foods you think you eat in a standard week and identify the things you enjoy eating and want to keep.

Then consider all the food you eat out of convenience and habit, and decide to either remove, reduce (chocolate on Fridays, perhaps) or replace them.

Grilled chicken over KFC, for instance.

Be the tortoise, not the hare

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - OCTOBER 21: Gold's Gym dancers perform during the Dubai Fitness Challenge Opening Carnivalat Safa Park on October 21, 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.The inaugural Dubai Fitness Challenge kicks off this weekend, a first-of-its-kind challenge which runs from 20th October to 18th November sees hundreds of thousands of participants from across the city commit to 30 minutes of any exercise for 30 days. The Challenge boasts a packed calendar of sporting events, over 1,500 free workout classes and 75 pop up fitness locations with the aim of making Dubai the most active city in the world. (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images for Dubai Tourism)


The best things in life take time – body change is no different.

Patience and consistency are the keys to success. Don’t rush it, you’ll get there.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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