Troye Sivan slammed after being pictured dumping flowers from fan in bin

Troye Sivan

Troy Sivan has faced backlash online after he was pictured allegedly dumping flowers from a fan in a bin.

The musician was reportedly given the flowers at a meet and greet event, but the fan was disheartened when a photo later surfaced showing Sivan apparently throwing out the bouquet.

Troye Sivan

(Photo by GeminiOnCokex5/Twitter)

Twitter user GeminiOnCokex5 tweeted the picture and wrote that they were “heartbroken”.

They wrote: “@troyesivan I gave you those flowers during your meet and greet. They weren’t cheap, I went out my way.

“I’m heart broken [sic] that you would turn around and just throw them away. I wish you would’ve gave it away instead of throwing it in the trash.”

Many rallied behind the fan and condemned Sivan’s behaviour.

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“Troye sivan throwing away fan letters and flowers is truly disgusting,” one person wrote.

However, many others called out the user for fabricating the story.

Someone argued: “you’re literally just seeking attention, there are pictures all over twitter of the girl who ACTUALLY got troye those flowers, and she wasn’t even mad about him throwing them away because THEY WERE DEAD AND HE COULDNT TAKE THEM ON THE PLANE.”

“A fan gave troye sivan flowers and paparazzi took a photo of him throwing them away 2 days later (when they were DEAD) before going to the airport and now ppl are trying to call him disrespectful even tho [sic] the flowers were literally dead and he couldn’t take them on a plane,” another added.

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A third said: “Troye Sivan paid a fan’s cancer treatment, helped lot [sic] of people to accept themselves and to come out to their parents, speaks out about social and LGBTQ issues but of course y’all only care about the dead flowers, don’t you?”

Sivan addressed the flower debacle on New Zealand radio station The Edge and explained that he actually kept for three days after receiving them.

“They just started to wilt a little bit, which happens to flowers.

“As well, I had to check out of my hotel. What else could I do with flowers besides, I don’t know, throw them away? I could have left them in the hotel room for housekeeping I guess to deal with.

“I’ve never had paparazzi before,” he said, bemused at the attention the situation received.