Chrishell Stause and GFlip win Halloween with Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch costumes

Chrishell Stause & GFlip, Troye Sivan & Ross Lynch

Chrishell Stause and GFlip have gagged fans with their shockingly good Halloween costumes, dressing up as Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch from the “One of Your Girls” music video.

The competition has been fierce this year among celebrities for the best Halloween costume, but the Selling Sunset star and her Aussie partner are definitely in the running.

The couple took one of the biggest pop culture moments of 2023 (Troye Sivan in drag giving Ross Lynch a lap dance) and perfectly recreated it. It’s a particularly impressive feat when you remember that Sivan’s music video dropped just two weeks ago.

Stause dressed up as Disney Channel alum Ross Lynch, donning a blonde wig, blue ripped jeans, and an uncanny prosthetic male torso.

Meanwhile, GFlip embodied fellow Aussie Troye Sivan’s iconic drag look, rocking a black bodice with matching heels and sheer black tights.

Showing off the uncanny resemblance, the couple posted the photos to Instagram, writing: Halloween 2023. Troye Sivan & Ross Lynch from the One of Your Girls Music Video. We haven’t stopped laughing since. How’d we do?”

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On her Instagram Story, Chrishell shared some behind-the-scenes footage to show fans just how much trouble she went to to get that torso on.

And GFlip, real name Georgia Claire Flipo, wants you to know that they tried really hard with their costume too, writing in the comment section: “Zoom in on my nails for a little treat. Taped those b*****s down.”

Fans were blown away by the effort that Stause and GFlip went to, taking to the comment section to let the couple know that they won Halloween this year.

Chrishell Stause getting dressed up as Ross Lynch for Halloween
Chrishell shared some behind-the-scenes footage to show fans just how much trouble she went to to get that torso on. (Instagram/Chrishell Stause)

“This is INSANELY creative. I love it,” one fan wrote.

“Y’all win Halloween yet again. I don’t make the rules,” commented a second.


A fourth follower added: “Something LGBT just happened to me.”

And a fifth raved: “The TAPE, the CHEST, the POSES. I died and you brought me back to life”

Amongst all of the praise were a few hateful comments from followers who claimed to be horrified by the couple’s costume choice – particularly, it seems, because Stause was dressed as a man.

While a number of bigoted followers complained that their costume choice was “disgusting”, others declared that they’d be unfollowing Chrishell.

Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch in One of Your Girls
Mind you, this music video only came out two weeks ago. (YouTube/Troye Sivan)

The reality star made it clear that she was utterly unbothered, taking to her Instagram Story to tell any ignorant followers she’d be happy to see them leave.

“Do you guys actually THINK I want homophobic people to follow me??” she wrote.

“No need to announce your departure – but knock yourselves out I guess. I am excited about this becoming a smaller but friendlier area. Let’s all have an IG party after they leave.”

Chrishell shocked Selling Sunset fans when she came out as queer in 2022, one year after splitting from her co-star and boss Jason Oppenheim.

Speaking at the Selling Sunset Reunion, Stause told host Tan France that she had been seeing G Flip, who is non-binary, for about two months.

The two have been going strong ever since, and even tied the knot in Las Vegas earlier this summer.

Still, Stause is regularly inundated with comments from fans hoping to see her get back together with Oppenheim.

Taking to Instagram in August, Stause made it clear that she is never, ever, getting back together with her co-star, and has found her “forever person”.

She wrote in a post to her Instagram Story: “I get these comments all the time on every post, so let me be clear. It’s never happening. I met my forever partner with G and we are planning a family and everything happened the way it’s supposed to.

“Jason is happy and he is a great friend I will have forever. But the people constantly trying to ‘ship’ us getting us back together are wasting your time.”