Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch drive fans wild with TikTok flirtation

Troye Sivan (L) and Ross Lynch (R) in One of Your Girls music video.

As if Troye Sivan’s “One Of Your Girls” music video starring Ross Lynch hadn’t already sent fans spiraling, now the two stars are in the middle of a flirtatious back and forth on Tiktok.

Viewers were screaming, crying, throwing up, and everything in between when the “One Of Your Girls” video first dropped.

In case you’re unfamiliar, it features a whole lot of Disney Channel alum Ross Lynch with no shirt on, while Troye Sivan, dressed in the most stunning drag we’ve ever seen, dances up on him.

The video has made waves worldwide, inducing serious bi-panic among fans.

But it didn’t stop there. It turns out that Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch as a duo is the gift that keeps on giving. Now fans are convinced that they’re sensing some flirtation between the two stars after Sivan and Lynch engaged in a little TikTok back and forth.

It started when the Australian singer took part in the ‘heart-eyes’ trend on TikTok, which involves a filter that turns users’ pupils to hearts – a trend mostly used when discussing how good Sivan looked in drag.

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Sivan captioned the video: “Ross Lynch said yes and is available to shoot.”

That was one thing, but when Lynch duetted Sivan’s video, fans went feral.

“I’m in my ross lynch era again,” one viewer commented.

“IF I WERE TROYE I WOULD FAINT,” raved a second.

“Why am I getting shy omg,” wrote a third.

And a fourth joked: “I don’t know who I am more jealous of tbh.”

After that, Sivan treated fans to some behind-the-scenes footage from the “One Of Your Girls” music video.

First, there was a clip of Sivan and Lynch taking part in a TikTok trend that jokingly explains how best to come on to a guy. 

Dressed in full drag, Sivan followed the silly pick-up tips, trying them out on Lynch who played along.


@ross_lynch say what u want and I’ll keep it a secret

♬ original sound – EJ Marcus

“I feel like im interrupting something,” one TikTok user commented.

Others were more concerned that they couldn’t decide who they fancied more.

“The bi panic popped out because I’m in love with Ross but TROYE IN DRAG???” one person explained.

“Who do you fancy more? Because I can’t decide either,” another confessed.

And finally, as if he hadn’t already fed his fans, the “Rush” singer posted another clip from the set, of Sivan slowly sipping his drink while watching Lynch do push-ups.

“Troye is really just like us when it comes to ross lynch,” joked one viewer.

“The nervous sip on the straw, me too Troye me too,” added another.

The whole series has been nothing short of iconic. Everyone say ‘thank you’ to Troye Sivan.