The first reviews for Troye Sivan’s new album are in – and it’s being branded ‘pop perfection’

Troye Sivan in a silver top.

The wait is over for Troye Sivan fans after the singer’s third album Something To Give Each Other finally dropped on Friday (13 October), and it’s getting rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

Troye Sivan set the bar high when he released the hedonistic poppers anthem “Rush” back in July. It was labeled as one of the indisputable songs of the summer, thanks in part to its steamy, sweaty music video that managed to break the internet.

The out singer’s attempt to stake a claim as one of 2023’s very best pop stars didn’t end there, either: his second single “Got Me Started”, which sampled Australian dance duo Bag Raiders, found a fair amount of love online, too.

A few horny Instagram posts later, plus a new music video for album track “One of Your Girls” – in which the 28-year-old Aussie singer appears in drag, alongside actor Ross Lynch – and Something To Give Each Other is here.

In a glowing review for music publication NME, writer Nick Levine gave the album the highest form of praise: five out of five stars.

Branding it “pop perfection”, Levine said the album is “the sound of a queer artist fully embracing his sexuality”.

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While Sivan came out publicly as gay via a YouTube video ten years ago, and has spoken about his sexuality multiple times throughout his career, most notably in his 2018 gay sex song “Bloom”, Something To Give Each Other is his most explicitly queer era yet.

Levine defined the album as a “strikingly vital pop album charged with love, lust, sweat and regret,” while specifically picking “One of Your Girls” as the song where “Sivan has never sounded more comfortable”.

Similarly, music publication Clash picked “One of Your Girls” as “the pinnacle of Troye Sivan the artist”, and gave the album as a whole nine out of ten stars.

“Each transition goes over smoothly and not a single track feels out of place. Instead, it sounds more like a perfectly curated playlist,” wrote Clash critic Lauren Dehollogne.

In a four out of five star review, The Guardian’s music editor Ben Beaumont-Thomas declared Something To Give Each Other as “one of the year’s best and most distinctive pop albums”.

Praising Sivan’s “charismatic” voice, Beaumont-Thomas added: “This is the ‘wrong’ way to sing pop music, but it’s magnetic and sounds wonderful in headphones.”

American culture magazine Slant also commended Sivan for fully stepping into this LGBTQ+ identity, with Slant writer Sal Cinquemani deeming Something To Give Each Other as “older, bolder, and, for a large part of its running time, unrepentantly horny”, compared to Sivan’s previous albums, 2015’s Blue Neighbourhood and 2018’s Bloom.

Over on the internet, and Sivan’s fans are fully embracing the album in it all its queer euphoria, too.

Something To Give Each Other is out now.