Human Ken Doll is wearing a corset 24 hours a day to shrink even further after rib surgery

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves shocked the world when he appeared on a TV show carrying his removed ribs in a jar.

The 34-year-old had four “floating” ribs extracted in a highly dangerous operation two weeks ago – becoming the first man to undergo the procedure.

Showing off his new look to This Morning hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby last month, Rodrigo revealed that he now has a tiny 29-inch waistline.

The rib removal was his 60th cosmetic surgery and shaved a considerable five inches off his waist.

Rodrigo Alves (This Morning)

The cosmetic surgery enthusiast admitted that he felt like he’d been “run over by a truck” during recovery.

But it seems the pain hasn’t put him off future ops.

Rodrigo says his dream is to slim down to incredible 20 inches waist.

He is now wearing corsets daily in a bid to slim down his figure, admitting that when he doesn’t his waist blasts to a similar size as before the dangerous op.

Rodrigo Alves (This Morning)

Rodrigo told Mail Online: “I’m very pleased with the results of the surgery and now I can wear my blazers and they fit beautifully and my waist does look smaller.

“The procedure really works but when I don’t have the corset on, it looks pretty much like it was before having the surgery because I’m still swollen and tender.

“It’s a long recovery but I’m starting to see the results now and I’m very pleased and happy.”

He added: “Having my ribs removed is not important. What’s important to me is to look a certain way. I like to look different.

Rodrigo Alves (This Morning)

“I like the fact that I have reinvented myself with the help of plastic surgery and that I don’t look like any other man, I don’t look like anyone else and I do like that.

“I am my own person, I am my own brand and it feels good to be an individual as well. Having the ribs removed is just a small fraction of it.

“I didn’t have any plastic surgery to please anybody rather than myself and I never had plastic surgery to have the attention from the media or the press. It was an accident.”

The Brazilian born TV personality admitted that wearing the corset is also for health reasons, saying: “It is dangerous to internal organs. My ribs that were the 11th and 12tth, they are the floating ribs there is not much use for them.”

Rodrigo Alves (This Morning)

He added: “I am the only man to have the procedure done. A few women have but they don’t talk about it.”

Asked on a TV show why he went through the ordeal he said: “Well I am 34 years old, it has been a very long journey for me.

“I love the way I look. I love to stand out. Yes, there is contentment in my soul. Plastic surgery has changed my life. From water to wine.”