Drag Race’s Willam Belli was paid for sex by eight Republicans when he was 17

Willam Belli, who appeared as a contestant on the hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race, has opened up about living as a sex worker in his late teens.

And in a shocking revelation, Belli said he was paid for sex by eight Republicans when he was 17.

Belli made a splash on the fourth season of Drag Race by getting eliminated for breaking the rules. But before becoming an actor, singer and reality TV star, he used to be a sex worker in Pennsylvania.

He reminisced on his life as a sex worker while on another Drag Race queen’s podcast – Season 7 and All-Stars contestant Katya Zamolodchikova’s Whimsically Volatile.

Belli revealed he performed oral sex on eight Republicans during the Republican National Convention in 2000. 

Two of them in the same hotel,” he said. He did not specify if the men were all politicians.

Pennsylvania’s age of consent is 16. Belli was 17 at the time.

“It was just, like, a fun period for me from 17 to 18 where I was a hooker,” he told Zamolodchikova.

“I liked it because being underage I could also say to the guys, ‘Hey, if any of those pictures you took of me for extra money end up on the internet then I’m gonna come after you for child porn,’” he added.

Belli said that while he had 130 clients, he was “mainly an oral girl,” and only had penetrative sex with about eight of them.

Katya got candid about his own experience as a sex worker in Boston, giving details on his first ever experience.

“He was a very unattractive man…not a nice person, but the dick was transcendent,” he said, adding he got completely naked but kept the wig on.

Katya Zamolodchikova attends the Logo New Now Next Honors From Aspen Gay Ski Week on January 23, 2016. (Santiago Felipe/Getty)

“I went to town on that prick’s prick, it was large but not intimidating. It was curved and proportionate to his giant body. It was the most wonderful first hooking experience ever.”

Katya has just returned to the public eye after a two-month hiatus. He revealed during his podcast’s first episode that he had gone to rehab after suffering from a heart attack.

Another Drag Race alumna has made some news too this week.

Gia Gunn announced that she is going to have gender-confirmation surgery to complete her transition.

Gunn said she will get B-cup breasts and inject fat into her bottom and hips to “create a more feminine body shape, without having to do silicone.”

Gun set up GoFundMe page in order to fund her surgery. She needs $29,500 to pay for the procedures and hospital fees.

Alaska Thunderfuck, Drag Race Season 5 contestant and All Stars 2 winner, donated  $1,000 to Gunn’s campaign and encouraged fans to donate as well.