Miss Vanjie hilariously crashed the world premiere of Bianca Del Rio’s new film

Miss Vanjie has cemented her meme status by crashing the world premiere of Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio’s second film.

Despite being the first contestant eliminated from Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo has certainly left her mark on gay culture.

Also known as Miss Vanjie, the first eliminated queen from the newest season of Drag Race, gained fame with her now-iconic exit, repeating her name over and over and over again, while walking backwards towards the backstage area.

Miss Vaaaaanjie (RuPaul’s Drag Race VH1)

The chant was so infectious, Twitter had a field day with memes about the drag queen, whose complete stage name is Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. Even people who didn’t necessarily know of Drag Race or what a Vanjie was have become obsessed.

Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio is no exception to this, referencing the drag queen during the world premiere of her new film Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate at RuPaul’s DragCon Los Angeles.

As Del Rio mentioned the queen, a shout of “I heard my name!” is heard from the back of the theatre.

Vanjie revealed herself from the crowd, taking a microphone much to the delight of panellists Del Rio, Shangela and panel host Mrs Kasha Davis.

“I heard my name three times, Hocus Pocus, bitch I’m here,” said Mateo.

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She continued: “Miss Vanjie, Miss Vanjie, Miss Vanjie… tag-teaming with Miss Shangie! Get these cookies, baby.”


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RuPaul invited Miss Vanjie onstage during his keynote speech at his annual DragCon convention on Sunday.

RuPaul, who lived for the “Miss Vaaaaaaajie” memes and even sported a Miss Vanjie necklace at the TIME 100 gala earlier in May, started his speech by getting the crowd to chant the queen’s name several times, before inviting her onstage.

RuPaul then asked her where she was when she realised she had become “a sensation around the world.”

Mateo revealed she was in Orlando and that her phone was “going crazy.”

“Bitch, I was gagged,” she said.

(Mason Violet / YouTube)

There were even references to Miss Vanjie made at this year’s drama-filled Eurovision.

The BBC threw shade at Australia’s singer for the singing contest, likening her to drag star Miss Vanjie.

The broadcaster posted an image of Australian entrant Jessica Mauboy on Twitter, with the simple caption: “Miss Vanjie?”


Eurovision semi-finals host Rylan Clark-Neal joined in on the action, slipping in a few references to the infamous drag meme.

During one semi-final he said: “Now Cyprus has never won, could she be the one to do it? I’ve gotta say, there’s a bit of the Miss Vanjie’s about her. She’s got presence. She’s got presence!”

All together now: Miss Vaaanjie. Miss Vaaaaaaaaaanjie. Miss Vaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnjiiie.