Troye Sivan crashed the stage with Taylor Swift to drop the details of his new album

Singer Troye Sivan made an unexpected appearance at a Taylor Swift concert to release the new details of his upcoming album.

During a performance in Los Angeles on Saturday, Sivan performed on stage with Swift before she announced the details of his new album.

22-year-old Sivan explained the surprise for fans of both artists on his Instagram story.

He said: “I asked Taylor Swift tickets for her show in LA and she’s like ‘Well actually, why don’t you come out and sing My My My with me tonight on the stage at the Rose Bowl in front of 60,000 people?'”


Sivan added before the show: “Just finished sound check. Life is crazy. I’m in my Reputation merch. Yeah, wild – thank you for having me Taylor, I’m so excited for tonight.”

During the concert at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles, Swift introduced him by saying: “He’s so epic and is so destined to be legendary – in my mind he already completely is. Troye Sivan is here tonight!”

The two then performed Sivan’s single “My My My” from his new album.

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS)

After the performance, the 28-year-old pop icon announced the title and release date of Sivan’s upcoming album, stating that “Bloom” would be released in full on August 31.

Bloom shares its name from one of the pre-released singles from the album which was released with a lyric video on Wednesday.

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Sivan later posted photos of him with Swift prior to the show on Saturday to his Twitter, adorning them with heart emojis.

Sivan prompted a small controversy after the release of his single Bloom after he confirmed fan theories that the song was about gay sex.

The song includes the lyrics: “I need you to tell me right before it goes down / Hold my hand if I get scared now / Take a second, baby, slow it down.”

Many fans took these lyrics to mean the song was about bottoming and preparing for gay sex.

In a hastily deleted tweet, Sivan did confirm theories that the song is about bottoming, tweeting #BopsBoutBottoming.

(@troyesivan / Twitter)

After the singer deleted the tweet, fans managed to take screenshots and made the hashtag their own, sending both the song and #BopsBoutBottoming trending on the platform.

Taylor Swift has also recently caused controversy among her gay fans after a study by ticket reseller TickPick claimed that the fans of the pop icon were some of the most likely to oppose marriage equality.

TickPick surveyed 1,000 adults on politics and social issues as well as music.

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

According to the study, 19.7 percent of Swift fans oppose same-sex marriage, only beaten by the fans of Celine Dion, 22.3 percent of the Canadian icon’s fans opposing marriage equality.

In comparison, two-thirds of people who listen to alternative music, classic rock and blues support marriage equality.

83 percent of Kanye West fans are in favour of the legalisation of same-sex marriage, with more than 80 percent of Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, David Bowie and Tupac Shakur fans also in favour.