Best lesbian scenes and TV storylines of 2018

Piper Chapman (L) played by Taylor Schilling, kisses Alex Vause (R) played by Laura Prepon in Orange Is The New Black

Each year, television is giving more and more representation to lesbians. We have therefore compiled a list of the best lesbian TV storylines and scenes portrayed in TV shows and soaps this year.

Orange is the New Black: Piper and Alex’s wedding

Orange is the New Black is known for its brilliant LGBT+ representation as well as its exciting storylines.

Best Lesbian TV storylines and scene: Orange is the New Black: Piper Chapman and Alex Vause prison wedding

Best Lesbian TV storylines and scene: Orange is the New Black: Piper Chapman and Alex Vause prison wedding. (Netflix)

One 2018 lesbian storyline melted viewers hearts as inmates Piper Chapman and Alex Vause got married in the Litchfield Correctional Institution after their on-off relationship that had lasted years, and ultimately resulted in them both being in prison together.

It was the moment all OITNB fans were waiting for, and the lesbian scene did not disappoint with beloved character Nicky Nichols officiating the wedding.

Black Lightning: TV’s first black, lesbian superhero

“We’re not fighting aliens, we’re not fighting strange creatures, we’re really fighting the social injustice – the issues that are happening within our black communities,” Nafessa Williams told PinkNews.

Black lightning lesbian scene

Lesbian scene in Black Lightning (The CW)

Williams plays Anissa Pierce aka Thunder, a black rights activist who, for once, is not subjected to the traditional coming out storyline, but instead “walks boldly” as an out lesbian in the hit new CW superhero drama.

Williams spoke about her lesbian TV storylines fondly: “What’s really cool about our show is that we stuck true to who Thunder was – she was a lesbian in the comic book, and we just really wanted to pay homage to her.

“A black, queer superhero character? We’ve never seen it before. And hopefully this is the shift for many more queer characters in TV and film.

“Representation matters, and we all want to see ourselves when we turn on the television – we all want to connect to characters who are like us, who look like us, who share the same sexuality.”

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Coronation Street: Kate Connor and Rana Nazir’s double lesbian proposal

One of Britain’s most popular soaps opera Coronation Street featured a popular lesbian storyline this year.

Lesbian character Kate Connor and Rana Nazir started as friends, as Nazir was married to a man. But soon feelings surfaced, and the confused Nazir chose to follow her heart, despite her family’s disapproval.


The couple proposed to each other in a heart warming scene (ITV)

The same-sex couple were together for some months when they each decided it was time to get married.

During a heartwarming scene, they each got down on their knees and coincidentally popped the question at the same time.

Coronation Street fans rejoiced and took to Twitter to share their approval.

One fan tweeted: “They were so cute when they were trying to get the other one to their proposal spot! Such an emotional scene, Rana’s face when she saw the ring and Kate’s face when she saw the other! Heart melted.”

Another said: “OMG!!!!! This is amazing!!!!!! THEY ARE SOOOOO CUTE…Officially the best proposal ever!!!!!!!”

Grey’s Anatomy: Lesbians’ favourite Arizona Robbins’ last appearance

Arizona Robbins is the longest-running lesbian TV character to date. Dr. Robbins was a much-beloved character. The show followed her hilarious antics and dramatic relationships.

Torres and Robbins at their wedding

Ramirez and Robbins at their wedding (ABC)

But sadly, this year, she made her last appearance in the Season 14 finale. It was a beautiful and emotional scene after a wedding between two fellow doctors.

When Robbins left, she revealed that she was moving to New York to be with her daughter. She was also excited to meet her ex-wife Callie Torres there, another extremely popular LGBT character on the show.

Fans are hoping that the couple will reunite and hopefully make an appearance in future episodes.

The Bold Type: Getting queer sex scenes right

2018 has been groundbreaking in so many ways, including the way lesbians are shown on TV.

the bold type

Kat goes down on Adena (Freeform)

This TV programme shows a black queer woman giving oral sex for the first time to her lesbian Muslim girlfriend. LGBT viewers were delighted with the couple’s representation of lesbian sex and their relationship in general.

What’s more, refreshingly, the complications between the couple came from Kat discovering more about her sexual identity and the fact that Adena had already had lesbian relationships, rather than from any attempts to sensationalise lesbians or Islam.

Eastenders: Bernadette Taylor and Tiffany Butcher kiss

After an episode in May, EastEndersfans suspected that Bernie was struggling with her sexuality and feelings for her best friend.

Fans were then ecstatic in November when an episode featured a surprise lesbian kiss between Bernadette “Bernie” Taylor and Tiffany “Tiff” Butcher.

Eastenders lesbian kiss between Tiffany Butcher and Bernie

Tiffany Butcher (left) and Bernie shared a kiss on Tuesday’s EastEnders. (BBC)

Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement and shock.

One person exclaimed: “Where did that kiss come from?!? did not see that coming! # EastEnders.”

However, many social media fans said that Tiff was using Bernie, highlighting relationship issues in society.

One user said: “Tiff only did that because she knows Bernie likes her and knew it would get her what she wanted. #EastEnders.”

Another posted: “Master manipulator, Tiff. She’s used Bernie’s crush to her advantage there. Savage! #EastEnders.”

The Haunting of Hill House: Horror with real lesbian representation

The Netflix original series features Theodora Crain, a psychic, kick-ass lesbian whose sexuality is revealed early on and without hesitation.

Theo is a complex, nuanced, fully drawn character with real depth, like the rest of her siblings, but is also, crucially, unashamedly lesbian.

Her scenes put the horror show into the 21st century. The LGBT+ community now has yet another beloved lesbian TV character to represent sexuality in a non-stereotypical manner.

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