Heartwarming Queer Eye reunion leaves fans in tears

Queer Eye heroes Jess Guilbeaux, Myles Hicks and Skyler Jay.

Queer Eye heroes have met up for a reunion which has produced emotional reactions from fans of the show.

Last week, season three’s lesbian star Jess Guilbeaux reunited with season two heroes Mama Tammye, her son Myles Hicks, Skyler Jay—who was the first transgender Queer Eye star—and season one’s Neal Reddy.

“What a day! God has given me another daughter.”

Queer Eye hero Mama Tammye

The meet-ups were documented by many of the fan favourites, with Tammye celebrating seeing Jess by writing on Instagram: “What a day! God has given me another daughter.

“I love you @jesslayica! Thanks for coming to share in my life. Today was just the beginning!”

Tammye posted a series of four photos of Jess with Skyler and Myles, captioning it with the uplifting message: “Children are a gift to be cherished! Here’s three of mine enjoying time together in the ATL.

Mama Tammye and Jess Guilbeaux, who have both appeared on Netflix's Queer Eye.

The pair seemed to have a wonderful time together in Atlanta. (mamatammye/instagram)

“Thanks Sky @trans.ginger for being the big brother and making sure everyone was safe. ❤️❤️❤️”

Skyler responded: “Of course Mama! ❤️ I love and cherish you and my @queereye siblings! Next time we are gonna have to get you out dancing too! All your kids got MOVES! #wegetitfromourmama .”

Jess also seemed to enjoy her time in Atlanta, posting pictures of herself smiling with Tammye, Neal and Skyler.

Jess Guilbeaux, Skyler Jay and Neal Reddy from Queer Eye.

The Queer Eye heroes danced it up. (jesslayica/instagram)

The hero, who now has “strong, black lesbian woman” in her Instagram bio, joined Tammye in pledging to meet up again.

“Wow georgia was a blast. had the time of my life meeting my fam ❤️ i can’t wait until next time,” she wrote.

Fans loved the Queer Eye heroes’ photos and messages

The Queer Eye Twitter account has gone viral after tweeting some of the photos on Monday (April 8) with the caption: “Honestly, the one thing we never expected was for our QE heroes to form a community of their own after we left.

“We literally cry every time we see one of these pics ,” the account added to the tweet, which has attracted around 50,000 retweets and likes.

Fans felt the same way, tweeting messages like “THIS IS BEAUTIFUL,” “Queer Eye has me crying at work! ” and “LOOK AT THIS ‼️ my heart is bursting.”

Another person wrote: “This is one of the most wholesome things I’ve ever seen. This makes me so happy ❤️❤️❤️.”

Queer Eye tweet leads to calls for a formal reunion

The post made others dream of a Queer Eye reunion episode.

One fan said: “Dear @QueerEye can you please do a show where you bring all the individuals back like a bachelor final rose. Just ask how life has been now and just show the incredible strength that was built.”

Another wrote: “Wow this makes me want to see a reunion, recap episode! ❤️”

Queer Eye stars Jess Guilbeaux and Mama Tammye smiling at the camera.

Fans wanted Netflix to make a reunion episode. (jesslayica/instagram)

And yet another commenter tweeted: “Guys!!! You must to do a reunion in the Fab 5 Loft with everyone.”

Some people were simply taken aback by the way in which the Queer Eye heroes’ lives had been changed for the better.

One of these fans wrote: “Seeing @jesslayica with Mama Tammye makes me so happy!!! She deserves so many wonderful things but especially meeting such a supportive Mom like that.”

Another tweeted: “Neal is looking great!!! Jess is amazing! I love how they are keeping up with it all AND staying true to themselves. That’s the real transformation – of the heart!!!”

A different user said: “Mama Tammye has taken everything about Queer Eye and transformed it into a thing of REAL love and affection for ALL.

“She is a true angel on this earth, and we are all blessed for knowing her. Thank you for introducing us to this amazing human!!”