There is now a Theresa May drag queen for some reason

British Prime Minister Theresa May has inspired the unlikeliest of tributes – a drag queen impersonator.

Drag performer Fagulous is donning the kitten heels and power suit for satirical cabaret show Theresa May’s Legs Akimbo.

The show will return to The Glory in East London on August 9, with Theresa May vowing to “show the crowds her hot sweaty Brexit”, which we definitely didn’t see anywhere in the Chequers agreement.

Drag queen Theresa May (Fagulous)

The drag act joked that they may soon be “out of a job” given current instability within the Conservative Party and rumours of a leadership challenge against May.

They wrote: “It appears that the Conservative party is now in total disarray and I could soon be made redundant.

“Spare a thought for all the Theresa May drag queens across the UK who are sat watching the news clutching their pearls. Only 48 Tory MPs are need to sign a letter of no confidence in Mrs. May to topple her position as leader, but those 48 MPs are also trying to topple my standing as Britain’s leading drag queen Theresa May impersonator.

Drag queen Theresa May (Fagulous)

“Fingers crossed that Theresa listens to the tweet I sent her earlier today and will stick around till at least August 9th. That way my cabaret show Theresa May’s Legs Akimbo won’t necessarily be as out of date as is could (probably will) be.”

Alluding to the leadership challengers, they added: “It would be extremely hard for us drag queens to find a suitable Michael Gove wig and Andrea Leadsom’s Legs Akimbo doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

“Penny Mordaunt has the right kind of upper class ‘Super Nanny’ vibe to her that would be wonderfully mocked by fruits in tights all across the country.”

Drag queen Theresa May (Fagulous)

Of course, satirising female Conservative leaders with drag acts is a crowded field these days.

Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho, played by Matt Tedford, has dominated the scene for years.

Maggie even met actual, real-life Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Jeremy Corbyn meets Edinburgh Fringe Festival comedy act Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho (Mark Runnacles/Getty)

Tedford wrote for PinkNews earlier this year to explain why he was moved to turn one of the UK’s most reviled Prime Ministers into his drag persona.