Doctor Who will include characters from across the LGBT spectrum

The new series of Doctor Who will feature characters from across the LGBT+ spectrum, according to the show’s executive producer.

Season 11 of the show—set to air on the BBC October 7—will star Jodie Whittaker as the first ever female doctor.

And the new series could also star a number of LGBT+ characters.

Jodie Whittaker is the thirteenth doctor. (BBC)

Speaking to Digital Spy, executive producer Matt Strevens said: “Since the show came back in 2005, I think Doctor Who has been amazing at blurring the edges of sexuality and being quite gender fluid about the characters and relationships.”

Stevens added: “I’m not going to say if any of our characters are or are not at this point. But it is part, I think, of the DNA that [ex-writer of the series] Russell [T Davies] re-imbued into the show…There will be characters from across the spectrum.”

Doctor Who has previously featured a number of LGBT+ characters, including Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and last series’ Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie).

The show originally ran from 1963 to 1989, and was relaunched in 2005 with the script written by Russell T Davies until 2010.

Chris Chibnall is the new show-runner in charge of the latest series. The first episode of the new season will be called “The Woman Who Fell to Earth.”

Whittaker will sport a gender-neutral outfit in her role as the thirteenth doctor.
In July, she explained the inspiration behind her costume.

Season 11 of the show will air on BBC from October 7. (BBC)

She said she found a black-and-white image of a woman on Google, who was “walking with purpose, deep in thought” wearing short trousers, boots, braces and t-shirt.

“It felt like such a wonderful expression, in one image, of timelessness, purpose and inclusiveness. All in one simple look,” she told Digital Spy, adding: ”It didn’t feel you needed to be a certain shape, or age, or gender, to wear it. And that’s mainly where it came from.”

In October 2017, Doctor Who won an Ally Award for the show’s longstanding inclusiveness.