Gay couple ‘kicked out of Wetherspoons for kissing’

A Wetherspoons in Guildford, where a gay couple was reportedly asked to leave for kissing

A man and his boyfriend were left “mortified,” after they were reportedly asked to leave a JD Wetherspoon pub for kissing.

The couple, who did not want to be named, said a Wetherspoons employee asked them to leave The Rodboro Buildings in Guildford, Surrey, for kissing on Saturday night (November 17), reports The Morning Advertiser.

One of the men told The Morning Advertiser that the pair had kissed on their way out of the pub and that he had believed they were alone.

Wetherspoons employee tells couple “you two, out”

However, a member of staff saw the couple and asked them to leave the premises.

“Then suddenly there was a shout from the bottom of the stairs by one of the door staff saying,’Oi you two, out,'” said the 42-year-old man.

The man said he and his boyfriend asked why they had to leave, and the member of staff responded: “Because of that on the stairs.”

The 42 year old added: “I replied, ‘You’re kicking us out because I kissed my boyfriend?’

“He just said ‘out’ so I asked him again but he decided not to reply.”

A gay couple holding hands. Two men were recently asked to leave a Wetherspoons for kissing

A gay couple holding hands. (BORIS HORVAT/AFP/Getty)

Wetherspoons can’t investigate individual claim

A Wetherspoons spokesperson said it would not respond to the incident because it would be hard to investigate.

Drag artist Son of a Tutu posted about the incident on Twitter.

“Some friends of mine (both men in a committed relationship) got thrown out of @Wetherspoon__UK Guildford yesterday merely for kissing each other,” the performer wrote.

“Seems they like to serve hate and homophobia with the friendly beer. ”

Son of a Tutu Twitter post about a gay couple who were reportedly asked to leave Wetherspoons for kissing

Son of a Tutu posted about the incident on Twitter. (SonofaTutu/Twitter)

It comes after a gay man said he was punched in the face in a homophobic incident at a London Wetherspoons.

Sam Duffy, a 21-year-old student at the University of Westminster, lives close by The Beaten Docket, a Wetherspoon pub in Cricklewood, North West London.

According to Duffy, he was having dinner at the pub on August 18 when he became aware that a group of people sitting near him were making negative remarks about ethnic minorities and LGBT+ people.

Duffy, who was wearing a rainbow flag wristband at the time, said he overheard a group using homophobic language and speaking about him. He told PinkNews that a man in the group referred to him and his wristband and said: “He is one of them.”

Feeling increasingly uncomfortable, Duffy said he reported the conversation to a member of the pub staff, who then confronted the group.

The man—whose identity isn’t known—is said to have reacted angrily and complained that it was a “free country,” and he could “say whatever he wanted.”

“Then the staff left me for a minute and the guy came and sat down at my table. He said: ‘Give me one reason why I shouldn’t punch you,’ and before I could respond, he punched me in the face,” Duffy said.