Rose McGowan and Rain Dove on their first date and falling in love

Non-binary model Rain Dove and actor Rose McGowan share details of their relationship (PinkNews)

Actor Rose McGowan and non-binary model Rain Dove spoke to PinkNews about the first time they met—and falling in love.

The couple opened up about their relationship, including their first kiss and experiencing discrimination, in an interview for PinkNews’ First Times series.

McGowan explained how she met  Dove when the model, who is also an activist, came round to her house in February 2018, following backlash over comments she made to a trans woman at her Brave book event at Barnes & Noble in New York.

“I was gearing up for some battle and not in a place to meet anybody, but we did and we stayed in touch,” said McGowan of their first encounter.

Watch the video below:

Rose McGowan: It’s my first time dating a non-binary person

McGowan, who met up with Stonewall after the Barnes & Noble controversy, explained that she then “reconnected” with Dove when they were in London and asked the model out for dinner.

“It is my first time dating a non-binary person, and yeah it’s nice not going out with a man,” she added.

The couple shared a first kiss on their dinner date.

“It is my first time dating a non-binary person, and yeah it’s nice not going out with a man.”

—Rose McGowan on dating Rain Dove

“The first time meeting you was more profound than the first time kissing you,” said Dove of their first kiss.

“‘Cause it was just like your mind is so amazing, but I really enjoy kissing you, so every time was amazing.

“So it’s really hard to remember like – the first kiss is supposed to be your most amazing kiss, but if you have a lot of amazing, intimate moments with somebody, it’s really hard to pinpoint. I would say it would be that night, though, yeah.”

We were discriminated against by a group of men in Italy, say Rain Dove and Rose McGowan

The couple also discussed the the first time they experienced homophobia and transphobia together.

“I would say Italy,” McGowan said.

“We were at a coffee shop and it was 7 in the morning. And these men surrounded our car and it was really aggressive but silent.”

McGowan said the group of men followed the couple into the cafe.

“And it was this aggressive… I don’t know how to describe it other than really threatening,” she said.

“But it was like watching men just be so threatened with their masculinity and to have this kind of weird silent rage.”

“Your mind is so amazing, but I really enjoy kissing you, so every time was amazing.”

—Rain Dove on their first kiss with Rose McGowan

Commenting on their relationship later in the video, McGowan said: “I just feel like we met and then we’ve been together ever since.”

Dove went on to discuss the first time they realised they were falling for McGowan.

“I remember one time telling you that I was falling in love with you,” said Dove.

“We were driving your car, and that was really cool, in LA.”

McGowan then joked: “Driving with me is an experience.”

Dove, however, responded: “You kind of have to pretend that you’re okay with dying… you have to be like, at least I’ll just die in the car with my lover and it will be still very cute because we’ll be together, so there’s that positivity.”

“Always the upside with Rain,” explained McGowan.

Looking at her partner, an enamoured McGowan added: “That’s why I love you.”