Marvel exec says ‘the world is ready’ for a gay superhero

Marvel exec says 'the world is ready’ for a gay superhero

An openly gay Marvel exec has said that “the world is ready” for a gay superhero as speculation continues to mount about The Eternals.

Reports emerged last week that the studio is recruiting an openly gay man to play the lead role in The Eternals – however the studio has not confirmed this is the case.

While attending the Captain Marvel premiere, Marvel exec Victoria Alonso was asked whether the rumours were true. She responded by saying that they are aiming to find the “best Eternals cast” they can.

She then said “the world is ready” for a gay superhero.

Alonso is ‘so passionate’ about diversity

In the same interview, Alsono was asked about Marvel’s commitment to diversity, which she said she is “so passionate” about.

“I got to tell you, our entire success is based on people that are incredibly different,” she said. “Why wouldn’t we? Why would we only want to be recognised by one type of person? Our audience is global, it’s diverse, it’s inclusive. If we don’t do it that way for them, we will fail.”

“The world is ready.”

– Victoria Alonso, Marvel exec

There has been a renewed focus on Marvel’s diversity record as the studio prepares to release Captain Marvel, its first film led by a female superhero.

Reports that emerged last week about upcoming project The Eternals suggested that the studio is looking to cast an openly gay actor of any ethnicity between the ages of 30 and 49 to lead the new film.

Marvel exec says 'the world is ready’ for a gay superhero

Captain Marvel (YouTube)

The Hashtag Show reported that Marvel has already identified a frontrunner.

The Eternals are said to be enhanced genetic offshoots of early humanity, and throughout their storylines, they mostly fight enemies called Deviants.

“[Captain Marvel] will have a platform to show all her power and the magnificence that that power is.”

– Victoria Alonso, Marvel exec

While the Eternals possess god-like powers and are thought to be beautiful, Deviants are physically displeasing but highly intelligent.

In April 2018, Kevin Feige announced that a film based on the Eternals had begun development, with a focus on Ikaris and Sersi as its central characters.

Director Chloé Zhao has been attached to direct the film, with filming scheduled to begin in August of this year.

Captain Marvel marks the studio’s first female-led superhero film

While Alonso has said that Marvel is committed to diversity, the studio has been criticised in some quarters for its refusal – up until now – to make a film with a female lead.

Speaking in the same interview with Variety, Alonso said:

“[Captain Marvel] will have a platform to show all her power and the magnificence that that power is, and who she is, not only as a superhero, but as a human. Which is what we want young women to see, that the best person they can be is who they are, not who anybody else tells you you should be.”

“The gay community has not been represented whatsoever.”

– Victoria Alonso, Marvel exec

She also said that Captain Marvel is only being made now as it had to fit neatly into the “fabric of the thread of this cinematic universe.”

In an interview with the BBC last year, Alonso – who is openly gay – addressed the lack of representation, saying: “The gay community has not been represented whatsoever.”

“I’m gay, so I can tell you that I would long for that.”

She also said that Marvel has not yet represented Asian, Latin, BME and female characters adequately, and said: “We are determined to have everyone represented in our films in some way, at some point in time.”