Anne Hathaway tears up after meeting RuPaul for the first time

Anne Hathaway could not contain her excitement at meeting RuPaul.

Anne Hathaway had a major fangirl moment on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, when she got to meet her idol RuPaul.

The Ocean’s Eight star was a guest of Stephen Colbert on Tuesday (May 7) to promote her latest film, The Hustle.

During the chat, she opened up about her love of RuPaul’s Drag Race. “I love that show so much!” she said, adding she had yet to meet RuPaul.

Colbert surprised the star bringing out RuPaul himself, who was meant to be Colbert’s guest the following day.

“I love you so much! Thank you so much” Hathaway exclaimed, fighting back tears as she was overwhelmed at meeting her idol.

Anne Hathaway expresses her love for RuPaul and Monet X Change

Hathaway then went on to explain she’s also a big fan of Monet X Change, who first starred in season 10 before appearing—and co-winning—All Stars 4.

“And the way she stepped her p***y up,” she said, still overcome with emotions, “I feel like since I started being an actress I’ve learnt how to step my p***y up.”

“I’m just thrilled for her,” she concluded.

Monet X Change thanked Hathaway for her expression of admiration in a tweet:”Aww doesn’t have a Twitter, but thank you sooo much for your very sweet and kind words about me on last night. Consider both our p****s, stepped up!!”

Anne Hathaway fangirling over RuPaul.

Anne Hathaway fangirled over RuPaul’s Drag Race. (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/CBS)

Fellow former Drag Race contestants rejoiced at how the show has penetrated mainstream media narratives.

“Omg this is so amazing to see! This is huge for not only @monetxchange but for the entire drag community. We are no longer freaks (well outside the bedroom ) but the world will see and know us as EQUALS” Akeria Davenport tweeted.

“OMG YASSSSS!! This is So Major!!! I love me some Anne Hathaway and love my sis @monetxchange” Shangela reacted, while Bob the Drag Queen simply commented: “Werq. So proud of you sis.”

As for RuPaul, he did return to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday (May 8) when he offered his take on the camp-themed Met Gala and discussed his own choice of outfit.

“I didn’t want to go in drag, ’cause I thought it was going to be a sea of drag queens. I thought all the guys would be dressed up by Divine—Divine from the John Waters films—but not one person was dressed up as Divine. People don’t really understand camp. It’s abstract to most people.”