Ellen DeGeneres is not quitting her talk show yet

Ellen DeGeneres speaking on her talkshow The Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres will not be quitting her daytime talk show any time soon.

DeGeneres revealed in a profile with The New York Times last year that her wife Portia de Rossi was urging her to move on from The Ellen DeGeneres Show to have more time to relax.

However, the daytime queen told Deadline on Wednesday (May 8) she isn’t ready to give up her show.

DeGeneres said she felt “torn” about ending the show, because her brother was insisting that her voice was needed more than ever in the Trump era.

“He just feels like this is a really important time to be on television too, to put out kindness and a voice that you don’t get to hear and see a lot. I love doing the show and I also love doing other things,” she said.

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Ellen DeGeneres won’t end talk show. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty)

Ellen DeGeneres is ready to try new things

DeGeneres’s contract for the daytime talk show has been extended until at least 2020, but on the back of her Netflix stand-up special Relatable she is ready to keep trying new things.

“I made the deal with Netflix before I knew what I was going to talk about. I kind of did that in the same way I agreed to host the Oscars,” she told Deadline. “I wanted to do something that scared me again.”

DeGeneres loves stand-up but Relatable scared her so much that she nearly gave the money back to Netflix twice.

“I do love it and will do it again, just not full-time. It’s a hard life,” DeGeneres said on Wednesday night, after a screening of the special.

The talk show host’s company Ellen DeGeneres Network (EDN) is planning to make a documentary with Warner Bros. and DeGeneres also said she is working on a film adaptation of a “very successful” book.

She said of EDN: “I just want it to be a company that I’m proud of. We have animation, we have TV, we have movies, we have reality. I like just a whole broad range of things.”