Mum comes up with adorable nickname for non-binary child

The mum of a non-binary student in Canada has been experimenting with gender-neutral nicknames, after her child came out as non-binary.

Karuna, a women’s studies student at Concordia University in Montreal, said on Twitter, “My mom has always called me ‘baby girl’ and we’ve been experimenting with gender neutral ways to adapt that since I came out as nonbinary.”

Their tweet included a screenshot of a text from their mum, which said, “Hey baby goat.”

A baby goat is called a kid, which Twitter users were quick to point out.

Non-binary nicknames

And other people chipped in with the gender-neutral nicknames their parents had for them.

“My mother always called me little chicken,” said Shelle. “It wasn’t specifically a non-binary thing, but it would work so well now.”

“I call my kids ‘tiny pancakes.’ No idea why,” said another.


Karuna, who is @blondbutch on Twitter, said that their mum was “shocked and a little bit giddy” to learn that her support for them had gone viral on Twitter.

“We both were,” Karuna said. “She was also touched that the tweet got so many heartfelt loving responses.”

“We were talking last night and she commented on how the reason it went viral is probably because it’s really rare for parents to fully support their LGBT kids and a lot of people find comfort knowing accepting moms are out there,” they said.

Karuna added, “She says she will be an honorary mom for anyone whose parents don’t accept them.”