Queer Eye’s Jonathan and Antoni deny dating rumours

Queer Eye fans will be sad to learn that the “first Fab 5 couple,” Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski, are not actually dating… yet.

The pair have been teasing their Instagram followers with a series of posts suggesting that they were in a relationship, and even created a couple’s account called @jvntoni.

On Wednesday (July 31) their fellow Queer Eye star Karamo Brown fuelled the fire by commenting: “For all who are asking. It’s real. They are a couple and in love. First Fab 5 couple.”

They said they “may fall in love someday”

After being flooded with questions from delighted fans, Van Ness and Porowski were forced to clear things up.

Jonathan tweeted: “For clarification, @antoni and I are a couple…. of very close friends who run a satirical couple account and may fall in love someday, but that day is not necessarily today.”

Antoni tweeted the same message from his own account.

Hopeful fans were crushed by the clarification, although in light of the pair’s previous pranking it probably should’ve been expected.


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I guess Amurica’s birthday’s our anniversary, babe. ❤️

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@kelseycoz wrote: “Wow how you gotta play with my emotions like that,” and @songbirdali tweeted: “You two are a menace and I love it.”

Author @Missmandyhale begged: “Please fall in love ASAP and have lots of beautiful babies with beautiful hair who ice skate and eat avocados. THE WORLD NEEDS THIS SHIP TO BECOME CANON.”

Jonathan and Antoni’s suggestion that they “may fall in love someday” has left some clinging to hope. @vanessafordDC wrote: “Dreams could come true.”