Lady Gaga tweeted a single letter and it whipped fans into a frenzy

Lady Gaga in a rainbow jacket

There can be 280 characters in a tweet, but all it takes is one to send Lady Gaga fans into a frenzy.

Lady Gaga fans appear to be reaching breaking point as they wait for their idol to release new music.

It’s been almost three years the release of her last album Joanne, which saw the singer shed her trademark electropop for a stripped-down, country-tinged sound.

With only the Oscar Award-winning A Star Is Born and an ambitious two-show Las Vegas residency to tide fans over since, it appears that something as small as a solitary letter is capable of sending fans into meltdown.

On Sunday, August 25, the ever-cryptic Lady Gaga tweeted the letter “f” without any further explanation.

Eager fans took it as a sign that a new single was imminent.

Some believed they had cracked the singer’s code, suggesting that a project titled Fun is on its way.

Others suggested that she would be revisiting her ArtPop era.

One fan joked that they had copied the tweet permanently onto his body.

Another, more cynical follower suggested that it might all have been a prank.

Lady Gaga confirms sixth album is on its way.

As of Monday afternoon, Gaga’s tweet has been liked more than 250,000 times and has received some 16,000 comments. She is yet to explain what exactly “f” stands for.

The singer is currently on a break from her dual Las Vegas residencies, Enigma and Jazz & Piano.

In March, she confirmed that she was working on her sixth album after rumours circulated that she was expecting a child, tweeting: “Yeah, I’m pregnant with #LG6.”

Some fans believe that the album will arrive in December, which would be nine months after her pregnancy tweet.

Gaga is due to take another break from Vegas for much of November and December, adding fuel to the theory.