Oh, this? It’s just a video of Jeff Goldblum dancing on a roof to Normani at a big gay summer party

Jeff Goldblum wearing a leopard print top and zebra print trousers

In news you never knew you needed to hear, Jeff Goldblum has been caught on video dancing to Normani’s ‘Motivation’ at a New Orleans LGBT+ summer party.

Over the past few years, Jeff Goldblum has become something of an icon, transforming from iconic Hollywood star into a man who expresses himself however he sees fit.

From his recently acquired penchant for short-shorts to his admission that he enjoys being called “daddy”, Goldblum has become an internet favourite, spawning a legion of memes and thirst-driven think pieces.

This weekend, Goldblum truly out-Goldblumed himself while making an appearance at New Orleans’ Southern Decadence.

A video widely shared on social media shows the 66-year-old dancing to Normani’s summer hit ‘Motivation’, shaking his hips and pointing as a crowd of men below him go wild.

Inexplicably wearing a leopard print shirt and tiger print trousers (and pulling. Them. Off.) Goldblum was also pictured mingling with parade-goers.

After a long day of dancing, fan waving and generally sending the gays wild, Goldblum was driven off by a golf cart.

Jeff Goldblum attended New Orleans’ biggest LGBT+ street party

According to NOLA.com, Goldblum attended Southern Decadence for his new Disney+ education series, The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

He was reportedly filming for an episode about glitter.

Also known as “Gay Mardi Gras”, Southern Decadence began in 1972 as a fancy dress bar crawl.

According to the author James T. Spears, “the party began late Sunday afternoon, with the expectation that the next day (Labor Day) would allow for recovery”.

The group who had thrown the party decided to repeat it the following year, this time parading their costumes through New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Today, the parade is attended by more than 250,000 LGBT+ people and is the state’s largest LGBT+ street event.