LGBT Twitter responded to Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry with so many hilarious memes

Amid the furore of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's impeachment enquiry towards US President Donald Trump, LGBT+ Twitter users found the lighter side of it all, mainly with peach puns. (Getty/Twitter)

Democrats deciding to move forward with impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump has sent the political world haywire but sent LGBT+ Twitter wild with memes and gifs.

Things are strained for lawmakers in the states after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi formally declared an impeachment inquiry will be made, launching the possibility of enforcing the most severe action that Congress can impose on a sitting president.

This came after details emerged that Trump allegedly attempted to pressure the president of Ukraine to investigate current presidential candidate Joseph Biden’s family.

While LGBT+ lawmakers have backed the move (well, all but one) LGBT+ Twitter users took a different approach.


So, so many memes.

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With every morning, we log-onto Twitter with the grim certainty that doom and gloom (not always in that order) await us.

Yet, under the miasma of #UkraineTranscript tweets and relentless Greta Thunberg take-downs, there were peaches:

Pelosi walking towards the podium to deliver the impeachment declaration speech became meme fodder:

“If you remove Trump…”

The Trump impeachment saga was a dramedy in three acts for LGBT Twitter: Pelosi’s walk, ‘what peach jokes can I make’, and then, horror.

LGBT+ Twitter was quick to realise that, if impeachment takes place, the next in line for presidency is Vice President Mike Pence.

While the White House denied Pence’s homophobic track record, it is one defined by cavils with LGBT+ rights and criticism over his closeness to anti-LGBT hate groups.

Two things happened back in 2017. RompHim launched “rompers for men” and congresspeople attempted to impeach Trump but failed to gain momentum.

These two collided on LGBT+ Twitter to form the thought of pro-impeachment gay folk rocking up to parties in rompers.

One Twitter user kept the receipts on all those who planned to attend the array of impeachment parties, cookouts and trips to the Hamptons in rompers.

But maybe they’ll be opting for something more trendier this impeachment season, such as Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace silk chiffon dress from the Italian designer’s SS20 show.

But some folks opted for the full-sequin look:

Others made some important points:

All in all, amid the Amazon burning down, climate catastrophe, Fleabag, Brexit, gun violence, WeWork, it being Libra season, the iPhone 11 coming out and the wealthy stockpiling cash in anticipation of a global recession by 2020, just remember one thing:

You were part of meme history today.