Gothy Kendoll reveals what she would have worn for this week’s runway, and it’s sickening

Gothy Kendoll with tiger face paint

Drag Race UK‘s queen Gothy Kendoll shared what would have been her Bond Girl runway look had she not been eliminated in the first week, and all we can say is double oh no she better do.

Gothy Kendoll became Britain’s very own Porkchop last week when she was asked to sashay away from Drag Race UK.

The Leicestershire queen was eliminated after a lacklustre runway performance and a dead-on-arrival lip-sync, ending her ambitions of becoming the season’s look queen.

But thanks to the magic of social media, Gothy was able to give fans a glimpse of what could have been had she made it to the second week.

Gothy Kendoll's Bond Girl look

Gothy Kendoll’s Bond Girl look. (Gothy Kendoll)

For the Bond girl realness runway, Gothy would have poured herself into a floor length, spaghetti strap gown with a waist cinched for the gods.

Platinum blonde and dripping in diamante, she’d have completed the look with opera gloves, tiny sunglasses and a sickening silver handgun.

Thought the 22-year-old was criticised for lacking in personality, she managed to share a different side of herself through her tweets.

The fan reaction was unanimous: Gothy’s look was a straight up shoot.

After her elimination, Gothy told PinkNews that she regrets nothing about her time on Drag Race UK.

“Going home first you’re like: ‘Oh I f****d up so bad, I did so shit sh*t,’” she said.

“I was replaying all the bad things Michelle said about me. But watching it you get a sense of my personality. I don’t have any problems with what was shown because it was all very fair.”

For many fans, the highlight of the first episode was Alan Carr’s shady assessment of Gothy’s Leicester Tiger look.

“She looks like an estate agent that’s gone to Regent’s Park Zoo and said, ‘can you face paint my face for 50p’ and she’s gone back into work and gone ‘what you think girls, grrr,'” the judge said on the main stage.

Gothy said that she took no notice of Alan’s read.

“I don’t think any estate agent wears Mugler, so he can call me what he want,” she said.

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