People are sharing their emotional, moving and sometimes hilarious stories for National Coming Out Day

People on Twitter are sharing their heart-warming coming out stories for National Coming Out Day. (Stock photo via Envato Elements)

From an aunt bragging about her “gaydar” but couldn’t tell her niece was gay to an accidental Snapchat sent to their parents – people on Twitter have been sharing their coming out stories for National Coming Out Day.

The adorable Twitter thread has tallied more than 1,600 replies in just a few days, as LGBT+ folk open up about all the moving (and messy) ways they told people about their sexual identity.

A large majority of them highlight a simple truth worth remembering on National Coming Out Day – that coming out can be clunky and embarrassing in the moment but hilarious looking back:

Or anyone’s greatest fear – sending a Snapchat accidentally to a parent:

‘Sat on the kitchen counter and blurted out “I think I like men” to my girlfriend of 5 years.’

Alongside how coming out can be a way to show off your creativity. Bonus marks for this:

Or a time for dads to out-dad themselves when their son comes out as gay:

At least he didn’t reply with: “Hi gay, I’m dad.” But he wasn’t the only family member to see the light-hearted side of the situation:

Many anecdotes had a heart-warming trend – coming out as queer to partners who then become close friends as a result:

Some tweets are seriously moving, and we advise to buy a box of tissues before even opening them up on your browser:

As well as:

Or just aggressively adorable:

Some parents could qualify for the Parenting Olympics with how beautifully they reacted:

While others chose to highlight on National Coming Out Day that not all coming out stories are always smooth: