‘Homophobic’ Little Mix fan outraged by gay gig proposal gets absolutely schooled by Twitter

A former Little Mix fan was left outraged when a gay couple got engaged at a gig. (Gareth Cattermole/MTV 2018/Getty Images for MTV)

British girlband Little Mix, who jointly threw the first brick at Stonewall, helped a gay fan propose at their gig, but one ‘homophobic’ supporter was outraged.

During a show in Manchester last weekend, the girls spoke to fans Tom and Adam who then popped the question in front of the sold-out arena.

But sitting in Manchester Arena was fan Hera and her six-year-old son who tweeted that it was her “first and last time” watching Little Mix.

“A staged marriage proposal and kissing,” she wrote, “my six-year-old lad asking me questions now.

“You’ve taken that innocence away from my kid and my rights as a parent to tell him in my own time about them things #ShameOnYou.”

‘Your homophobia is showing’: Twitter schools unimpressed former Little Mix fan. 

However, it did not take time for Twitter to absolutely school her, as users rolled their eyes so much at the former Little Mix fan’s homophobia local ophthalmologists were flooded with calls.

“Your poor child,” tweeted one concerned user, “having to be raised by a homophobic moron.”

Another added: “If your child is six years old and he doesn’t know that sometimes men love other men (and women love other women), it is you who should be feeling shame.

“Do better.”

Other fans, such as Holly, highlighted the hypocrisy hidden in Hera’s parenting playbook.

“I find it fascinating how some parents will go to great efforts to lie to their kids about the existence of Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny for years but can’t face explaining the very simple and normal concept of same-sex love/marriage?

“I have to roll my eyes.”

Hera, who predominately tweets complaints towards companies, occasionally confronted the chorus of criticism she faced.

One fellow parent shared their advice on teaching her “child tolerance” and helping her son “grow without prejudice and be a good ally”.

To which she simply responded “No, thanks” to the offer.

Another user explained how much “courage” it takes for queer people to be so visible – “you don’t know the fear we feel, to be judged, to love someone without hiding”.

“And equally, you not having children do not understand where I am coming from either,” Hera hit back.

Inciting several parents and guardians to universally tweet that they “don’t have a single clue where” she’s coming from.

‘You allow them to listen to all Little Mix’s quite explicit songs?’

The spine of Hera’s homophobia came from how she paid to “see the band perform, nothing else”.

Which came in reply to an array of users asking why she brought her six-year-old “lad” to the gig in the first place, considering the not always child-friendly lyrics in the band’s songs.

Or pointed out that a same-sex proposal should be the least of her concerns:

Same-sex marriage proposal leaves fans in ‘happy tears’.

The proposal itself – which saw the new betrothed bathed in rainbow lights – preceded the band singing ‘Secret Love Song Pt II’.

With the stage lit, Little Mix sung the track from their third album, Get Weird, which was dedicated to their LGBT+ fans.

It wasn’t the first time Little Mix have performed with the rainbow behind them, though.

Earlier this year, the band performed under a giant Pride flag in Dubai, where gay sex is illegal.