Drag Race’s The Vivienne slams X Factor for appearing to pay all performers except the drag queens

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne has slammed the X Factor for not offering to pay her for a performance until she called them out on it.

The Vivienne alleged that she and Baga Chipz were asked to perform on X Factor: Celebrity on Saturday for free, while all the other performers were paid.

Was so honoured to be asked to perform on @TheXFactor this evening. However I decided not to,” she tweeted.

“Until they realise that drag queens are artists who also need paying, I’ll politely decline. Everybody else will be getting paid apart from the drag queens? Not acceptable.”

Shortly after, Baga Chipz confirmed that she had just been offered payment. “It was my mistake I’ve just had to sign a form… girls been paid”, she tweeted with laughing face emojis.

Baga later explained she’d accepted the performance to support her friend Jenny Ryan, one of the X Factor contestants.

“And that is why I did @TheXFactor, not just to support my beautiful mate [Jenny] but for 3 drag queens to go on @ITV and show the globe that we are taking over the mother tucking universe.”

After her fee was confirmed Baga reportedly asked her fellow queen to join her on X Factor, but The Vivienne stood her ground. “[Baga] was kind enough to invite me to perform with her. But I believe artists should be paid. Especially by HUGE companies,” she said.

The Vivienne remained conspicuously absent while Baga appeared on the stage that evening.

Shortly before the show aired, X Factor representatives confirmed that all performers on the X Factor: Celebrity final would be getting paid – but The Vivienne wasn’t buying it.

“How convenient,” she tweeted. “Not until I called them out did it suddenly become ‘a mistake’. We were BOTH told on the same phone call it was UNPAID. I call bullsh*t.”

The allegations come after another Drag Race star, Miss Fame, condemned Justin Bieber for not offering to pay her a proper rate for an appearance in his music video.

“You do not have permission to tokenise my talent, my queerness is not a trend,” she said. “Respect people and celebrate what they contribute. If you request my services, pay my rate.

“This is directed at all brands, houses, industries that are attempting to look good for the gay dollar bot not actually investing in us.”