Harry Styles sang with a Pride flag and then chanted ‘f*** the government and f*** Boris’ with Stormzy

Our lord and saviour Harry Styles holding an LGBT+ Pride flag. We need this injected into our veins right now. (Screen captures via Twitter)

British singer Stormzy joined Harry Styles on stage during an intimate gig and chanted “f*** the government and f*** Boris” and the internet has basically declared them both national treasures.

It came after a fan hurled an LGBT+ Pride flag at Styles, 25, who then unrolled it and sang ‘We’ll Be Alright’ and ‘Treat People With Kindness’ as the stage lit up in the colours of the rainbow.

We cannot stress this enough when we say this, Harry Styles just said: “Gay rights!”

The 1,500 fans who flocked to the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London, witnessed the two moments of true religious significance last night.

Harry Styles raised a Pride flag up high as he sang ‘Treat People With Kindness’.

First, a fan threw an LGBT+ Pride flag at Styles, which he then proceeded to drape over his microphone stand and raise it up high while singing.

Gay. Rights.

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Venue security initially tried to confiscate the flag, but the singer gestured to give his blessing for it to stay, footage showed.

Gay rights!

But where is the flag now? Was it donated to the British Museum for its cultural and historical importance?

He threw it at a fan’s face, footage showed, who was more than glad to be involved.

Gay… rights!

Harry Styles, Stormzy and around 1,500 people chant: ‘F*** Boris.’

Later in the set, a familiar face made an appearance to support Styles.

Footage of the pair has gone viral on Twitter, as Styles and Stormzy rally on fans to chant along with them during a duet to ‘Vossi Bop’ which they enthusiastically agree to do.

Both artists have dropped fresh albums, with the concert launching Styles’ new album, Fine Line, while Stormzy released his second album Heavy is the Head last week

The duo have both stated their political stances as left-wing in the past.

Stormzy regularly raps about political issues in his music and rallied extensively for opposition party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

While Styles tweeted in 2015: “I’m a Labour supporter. I lean to the left.

“I’m for the people.”

So, the pair crossing paths seems like the least ambitious crossover event in history yet we have no choice but to stan it.

And we think, it might be a reach but, we think that people quite enjoyed seeing the pair chant in tandem in Camden:

Stormzy, 26, later praised his fellow singer in a tweet, calling Styles a “legend”.