The internet has crowned the best Drag Race lip-sync of the decade

RuPaul looking shocked, mouth agape

As the New Year inches closer, the internet has crowned one Drag Race lip-sync as the best of the decade.

The 2010s was the decade in which Drag Race took over the world.

Having first aired in 2009 as a barely-watched, low-budget show on a niche LGBT+ station, it arrives at the 2020s a genuine global phenomenon with a 12th series, celebrity spin-offs and international editions all set to land on screens in the coming months.

Part of the show’s magic is undoubtedly its lip-syncs – incredibly shareable two-minute slices of unabashed queer joy, heartbreak and buffoonery that become synonymous with the songs they’re performed to, and live second lives on YouTube and social media.

Mike T, who runs the Drag Race meme account Freshly Gagged on Instagram, tweeted what he thought was “the best televised lip-sync of the 2010s.”

He shared a video of Tatianna and Alyssa Edwards world-altering All Stars 2 battle to ‘Shut Up And Drive’, which many agreed deserved the top spot.

You may like to watch

If you haven’t seen it before, please take some time to familiarise yourself.

As we approach the end of the decade, let’s remember THE BEST televised lipsync of the 2010s:

— Mike T (@majtague) December 29, 2019

The high kicks. The coincidental yin-yang costumes. The synchronised twirls and drops. Whatever Alyssa’s crouch-to-death-drop move was. Does it get any better?

This is my face, every time, that I look at this masterpiece.

— tiຖŞtคr (@rotinober) December 29, 2019

Well, according to some followers, it does.

— Marta (@Maartiinhaa) December 29, 2019

Many nominated Dida Ritz’ soulful rendition of ‘Everlasting Love’ as the best lip-sync of the decade. The season 4 contestant performed the song in front of its’ singer Natalie Cole, commanding 100 percent of the judges’ (and our) attention and sending home The Princess in the process.

I mean, remember that time when Dida did a lipsync for your life all alone? That was.

— Luis González (@jesuisLuuis) December 30, 2019

Yes. Let’s.

— Chad Raymond (@ChadFRaymond) December 30, 2019

Mike T gave a silver medal to Yvie Oddly and Brooke Lynn Hytes’ ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ lip-sync cum gymnastics presentation (season 11), in which the eventual winner served us a wig reveal while executing a front-flip (!) while her Canadian competitor gave us pirouettes, splits and dips. Many agreed with his ranking.

Silver Medal to Yvie and Brooke for this incredible performance

— Mike T (@majtague) December 30, 2019

A few votes came for a performance which took place outside of the Drag Race empire: Tom Holland’s ‘Umbrella’, as seen on Lip Sync Battle (a deeply heterosexual show which RuPaul has called “a poor ripoff” of Drag Race.)

I was going to say, “I see rupaul, and I raise you tom holland,” but both of those death drop at the end won me over, sorry tom

— hannah banana (@hhampton_22) December 30, 2019

— Nappiness (@Inkedlibra) December 30, 2019

— mathias robinson (@mathiasrobinso5) December 30, 2019

Ok but what about this

— may (@may_rmrs) December 30, 2019

Honestly, give them all their roses.

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