Lil Nas X goes XXX for steamy new Calvin Klein campaign and the thirst is well and truly real

We are not worthy of receiving these blessed images of Lil Nas X in his first Calvin Klein campaign. (Instagram/Calvin Klein)

Lil Nas X is hot in quite a few senses of the word.

Not only has the CEO of the yeehaw gay agenda lassoed awards and seen fans scrambled for the release of his “Rodeo (Remix)”, but he’s now officially ascended to the status of a Calvin Klein underwear pin-up boy.

In other words, call him Lil Nas XXX.

Instagram was reduced to a moistureless desert as countless users reported feeling aggressively thirsty after even a microseconds-long glance at the American fashion house’s campaign.

“Bro,” the singer wrote on the social media outlet, “I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

Lil Nas X: ‘I like boxer briefs the most.’

Lil Nas X, known off-stage as Montero Hill, was one of a chosen few enlisted by Calvin Klein for its new ‘Deal With It’ campaign. Appearing alongside veterans Justin Bieber as well as singer Maluma and trans Euphoria star Hunter Schaefer.

Chatting to GQ Australia, Hill explained that he was “excited” to join in for the Spring / Summer 2020 campaign.

“I honestly couldn’t believe it at first. It’s such a legendary brand so I was mad happy,” the 20-year-old said.

“To me, ‘deal with it’ is me saying I am the way I am, I’m doing things my way, and no one can stop me. It’s a powerful and freeing feeling.”

Some other crucial pieces of information to have come out of the campaign includes that Hill typing this actual sentence out when asked by the reporter why he looks “extremely fit” in the photographs.

“I ate pizza and candy every day! Lol, jk. I actually had just started working out around the time of the shoot, so I look great in the pictures but even better now *bites lips and says ‘haha’ ;)*.”


Also, his favourite style of Calvin Klein underwear are boxer briefs. ‘They’re just super comfortable and easy to move around in,” the “Old Town Road” singer said, “like when I’m running around on stage at a show.”