Piers Morgan said he doesn’t like being shamed on TV and the sound you can hear is a million eyeballs rolling

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan complained about being “fat-shamed” on Good Morning Britain because, suddenly, it’s not OK to bully people on live television.

Morgan shared a tense moment with co-host Andi Peters on Monday morning (March 2), after the presenter chanted “who ate all the pies” during a segment on British pie week

Morgan took Peters’ words as a personal slight, telling him: “It’s actually really not acceptable anymore in the workplace.

“You were talking the other day, you had your own complaints about the way workplaces operate, I don’t like being fat-shamed by you, OK?”

It triggers my anxiety, it’s wrong.

Susanna Reid interrupted to remind Morgan that he is “the one that always backs fat-shaming as a way to get people to lose weight”.

Undeterred, Morgan went on: “You fill me with self-loathing, everything about what you just did is offensive, wrong, and I really feel you should apologise.”

Peters continued the bit by asking: “My question to you is Piers, before I contemplate apologising… Do you like a pie?

“I love a pie,” he admitted.

“Do you like all the pies?,’ Susanna asked, prompting her co-host to burst out laughing.

Piers Morgan has no problem shaming the non-binary community.

Morgan’s sudden aversion to bullying – though doubtless played for laughs – is in clear contrast to his own penchant for shaming people on Good Morning Britain, Twitter and his other platforms.

In recent weeks, the journalist has belittled a non-binary poet after they performer a spoken word piece about the difficulties they face getting a haircut.

Morgan accused the BBC, which shared the performance on social media, of  “pumping out more gender nonsense”.

“Nobody has to ‘struggle’ getting a bloody haircut,” he added.

Morgan has a lengthy history of attacking the non-binary community, using his show to undermine the trans community and writing in the Mail on Sunday that his “number one pet hate at the moment is the absurd ‘gender fluid’ movement”.