Viral singer Charlotte Awbery says her debut album is inspired by Gaga, Whitney and Celine and we really can’t cope

Charlotte Awbery singing Shallow on the tube

Charlotte Awbery, viral “Shallow” singer and newly-minted gay icon, gave fans a hint of what they can expect when she launches her debut album.

After an impromptu rendition of  “Shallow” propelled her to pop’s main stage, Awbrey is preparing to give Lady Gaga a run for her money with her first studio album.

“I’ve got a very powerful voice,” she told Grazia.

“So there are a few big ballads. And the other tracks are poppy, and fun. Sort of feel-good songs really.”

If the Essex-based singer’s inspirations are anything to go by, queer dance floors around the world are about to be upended.

I loved Whitney. Celine Dion. Ella Fitzgerald. Aretha Franklin.

“My nan and pops loved their music so I listened to it as well. My pops loved Frank Sinatra,” Awbery continued.

“And I love Dua Lipa. Jess Glynne. The list goes on.”

Lady Gaga is another favourite, Awebery continued, confirming that she will be among those vying for a ticket to the singer’s upcoming Chromatica Ball in London (she stopped short of confirming an on-stage duet, but come on, of course it’s going to happen).

Charlotte Awbery doesn’t wear wigs.

After a video of her singing “Shallow” in a London tube station went viral in February, Awbery won a legion of fans including Ellen DeGeneres (who flew her out to LA to perform on her show) and Ariana Grande (one of her almost 700,000 Instagram followers).

One of the many things that has blown the world away is Awbery’s Farrah Fawcett blow-out.

Fortunately for us all, Grazia asked the singer just how she achieves her flawless look.

“I do it all myself,” she explained.

“I section it up into three or four sections and blowdry it myself. That’s what gives me the flicky look. My mum was my role model growing up. I used to watch her.”