Charlotte Awbery just revealed whether Lady Gaga has been in touch – and you could say it hasn’t all been Stupid Love

Lady Gaga and Charlotte Awbery

Charlotte Awbery propelled Lady Gaga back to the charts with her cover of “Shallow”, but it appears the “Stupid Love” singer has yet to thank her.

After a video of Awbery singing “Shallow” went viral in February, the A Star Is Born sadbanger reentered the iTunes US top 40 and with it the zeitgeist at large.

Awbery meanwhile was propelled to the A-list, appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and winning the approval of Ariana Grande among countless other stans.

But one person who hasn’t been in contact, according to the Essex singer, is Lady Gaga herself.

“No, she’s not been in touch,” Awbery told Metro.

I don’t know if she’s seen it. She must be so busy, you know?

Indeed, Lady Gaga has been busy in recent weeks launching her Chromatica era, starting with her new single “Stupid Love”.

“She’s releasing this single, she’s not even thinking about Charlotte from Romford,” Awbery said.

If Gaga isn’t thinking about Charlotte from Romford then she’s most definitely the only one, as the rest of the world waits with bated breath for her debut single and album.

Awbery confirmed to ITV’s Lorraine Kelly that she’ll be releasing a studio version of “Shallow” in the coming weeks, telling the presenter making music has “been my dream since I was a little girl”.

In a separate interview with Grazia, she confirmed that she is already thinking about an album of original songs inspired by – brace yourself – Lady Gaga, Whitney House, Celine Dion, Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin, among others.

“And I love Dua Lipa,” she said. “The list goes on.”

Charlotte Awbery said she wants the album to be “feel-good”, “poppy and fun”, with a sprinkling of tear-jerkers.

“I’ve got a very powerful voice,” she said. “So there are a few big ballads.”