This teenager went to a sex party with two gay men and a trans woman. He returned an hour later and murdered all three

David Robinson was found guilty of the murder of two gay men and a trans woman. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Drinks were clinked and music blasted out of the home speaker system. But for three party-goers, two gay men and one trans woman, this would be their final night alive.

Timothy Blancher, 20, Alunte Davis, 21, and Paris Cameron, 20, all attended a party with a 19-year-old man they met at a gas station in Detroit.

Hours after he left the group, Devon Robinson, 19, burst into the house wearing a masked and armed. Gunning the three victims down.

What happened?

Jurors found Robinson guilty Tuesday of the May 25, 2019, murders.

He was charged with three counts of first-degree murder as well as assault with intent to murder two others and five counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Sentencing, Law & Crime reported, will be scheduled April 13.

Jurors head the closing argument that Robinson committed the murders to cover up what happened at the party.

The defendant did not want his family to find out that he had engaged in sex acts with the three victims.

Prosecutors explained that Robinson met the trio at a gas station, where Camerson hit on the defendant, surveillance footage showed.

While at first indecisive, Robinson, who lived just two blocks away from the party, paced before deciding to go.

Devon Robinson worried his family would find out he engaged in sex acts with gay men and trans woman. 

Special prosecutor Jaimie Powell Horowitz stressed that it was no “routine hook-up” and, when going to the party, multiple party-goers performed oral sex acts on Robinson.

One witness described the soiree as “over the top”.

Party-goers began saying that Robinson was gay, leading to the defendant to dip the function. He went back to the gas station and, surveillance footage showed, began dry heaving and spitting.

He went back to his home at 4:03am, state authorities said.

Less than an hour later, a masked gunman stormed the home and stampeded the festivities. He began shooting rounds and struck Davis twice and Blancher and Cameron four time.

Horowitz asserted that Robinson committed the deed to get rid of people who saw the sex acts. His defence hinged on Robinson being identified as the masked assailant.

While a witnessed said Robinson had no “reason in the world” to shoot, the suspect fled his home in the early morning after the murder spree. Law enforcement later tracked him down due to an anonymous tip.

Detectives found his DNA at the crime scene and during his interrogation, he refused to say he performed sex acts on anyone other than Cameron.

Nevertheless, jurors sided with prosecutors.

“You don’t get to put on a mask and get away with mass murder,” Horowitz said.