This evangelical homophobe claims gay people want to destroy the ‘natural family’. Now she’s getting a divorce

The 'Activist Mommy' Elizabeth Johnson blamed her husband's unspecified 'sexual immorality'

An evangelical anti-LGBT activist known for protesting Pride events is getting a divorce because of her husband’s “sexual immorality”.

Elizabeth Johnson, known online as the ‘Activist Mommy’, has previously shown her fervour in promoting fundamentalist “biblical values” by protesting LGBT+ events, staging public burnings of LGBT-inclusive magazines, and claiming that LGBT+ groups are “sneaking into schools” to “rape the minds” of children.

Activist Mommy uses family values to justify anti-LGBT+ campaigning.

Justifying her aggressive anti-LGBT+ campaigning, she claimed previously that she works to oppose an agenda “deconstructing the natural family”.

She said: “As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, no one should have a better multi-generational perspective than us, to pass our biblical values, religious liberty onto the next generation and the next generation.”

The Activist Mommy burned a copy of Teen Vogue in 2017

The ‘Activist Mommy’ burned a copy of Teen Vogue in 2017

However, while she might use her “biblical values” to justify homophobia – and also, for that matter, to give her followers tips on child-beating – it turns out Johnson’s own family is pretty far from biblical.

Evangelical activist insists she has ‘biblical grounds for a divorce’.

In a Facebook post, Johnson revealed that she had filed for divorce from the father of her 10 children because “he has been repeatedly unfaithful to me”, citing “adultery, pornography and sexual immorality which began 16 years ago” as well as “psychological and emotional abuse”.

She wrote: “When my husband would apologise for his sexual sin, I would be prayerful and hopeful that there would be permanent victory. I would assume the best and move on in faith.

“About five years ago, I began getting help from pastors, therapists and friends to attempt to fix what was broken. There would be periods of what appeared to be peace and improvement. I always remained hopeful we could weather the storm, but it has become obvious that I’ve done all I can.”

While it would be unfair to baseless speculate on the specific nature of the “sexual immorality” in question, we definitely have an idea of exactly what kind would be the most poetic.

Johnson referenced “slander circling around this situation, especially in light of my position as a public figure”, but added: “Don’t listen to the critics, and just pray for us instead.”

The activist maintains there is no hypocrisy in getting a divorce while gay-bashing for ‘traditional values’, writing: “I have had biblical grounds for divorce for 16 years and have been counselled to not allow the enemy to stop what God has been doing in my life to protect the unborn, protect children and protect families.

“I can’t let Satan win. He would love nothing more than to shut down this urgent work that so few are tackling.”

She continued: “I am now entering a phase of my life where the Lord will be my husband. He is very good at it.”

Just in case you think Johnson might have learned any lessons at all from her own personal predicament, within two days of her divorce announcement she was back harassing people outside abortion clinics. She insisted: “When you are walking through tragedy, sometimes the best ministry to your soul is to minister to others.”