Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski fosters a new furry friend to keep him company in quarantine

Antoni Porowski

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski has found the greatest way to spend his self-isolation time.

The Fab Five member is currently living in Austin, Texas, and he visited local dog shelter Austin Pets Alive! to find a new furry friend to foster during the pandemic.

The shelter said that they were aiming to get at least 50 per cent of the animals in their care into adoptive or foster homes as soon as possible “to be prepared for [the] potential spread causing fewer people [to be] available and more animals to care for”.

It added that both of its locations would continue to have normal hours of operation during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the dogs still need looking after.

Queer Eye food guru Porowski took home a pit bull/beagle mix named Neon.

He said: “I’m here fostering little baby Neon… it’s very important for us to support our local shelters because they are getting a lot less foot traffic during this crazy old pandemic.

“So, if you’re ready to adopt, I encourage you to do that. Especially pit bull mixes, they’re really gentle, super affectionate and lovely, and also they need a home.

“If you can’t commit to adopting, I would encourage fostering as well. You can take them in for a week, or two, or longer, or shorter.

“Just give them that nice quality of life that they deserve, because they’re pups and they love unconditionally.”

Petting his “chill” new fur baby, he added: “Are you a sleepy pup? You’re sleepy. Let’s go watch some Netflix, let’s go home and make snacks.”

Antoni Porowski is known for his extreme love of dogs.

Antoni Porowski has become known not only for his love of avocados, but also for his love of dogs.

In November last year, the Queer Eye star hosted the event ‘An Evening with Antoni Porowski’ at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada, and one fan decided to surprise him by bringing their corgi, his favourite breed, up on stage.

The food expert was so overjoyed that he fed the pup a treat from his own mouth.