Girlfriend wonders if it’s ‘weird’ her boyfriend has group chat to send his guy friends d*ck picks

In some much-needed news to keep our minds of this cursed timeline we live in, a woman is stumped as to why her boyfriend has a group chat with his male friends to swap and critique d*ck pics.

On what can only come from a reddit board, a user took to the r/relationship forum to ask the world: “Is this normal behaviour?

“My boyfriend and his friends send d*ck pics to each-other.”

Girlfriend perplexed as to why her partner and guy pals trade penis pics. 

In the post, the girlfriend details: “My boyfriend and I have an open phone policy before I get ripped to shreds for looking at his messages.

“I saw in his guy’s group chat, all the guys sent d*ck pics (including my boyfriend) and they were just critiquing them and saying who had the best one.

“Kind of reminiscent of little kids comparing penises at the playground.”

Who needs Pokémon cards anymore when you can trade d*ck pics instead. Oh, boy.

She then asks, the desperation keyed into her typing: “Isn’t this like, not normal?

“I don’t send my friends vagina pics and ask who has the best one.”

That’s a shame, original poster.

Anyway, reddit users were in hysterics at the post, effectively becoming a betting ring as folks debated whether the post was authentic.

“This is something my friends and I would have done at like 13 lol,” a user chimed in.

Another added: “100 per cent they have had a sword fight.”

“It’s early in quarantine,” one user said, “I’d ask in a year if this is normal. You may get different answers. Also, I have never known people to do this.”

And as these two users explained: “No, but at least his friends are supportive?

“I guess supportive, yeah,” the second user replied, “they weren’t being rude to one another.”

With the world being pelted with a viral pandemic, bros continue to be bros, and we at PinkNews support these non-toxic-masculinity boys to be free to roam the world.

As long as they wash their hands for 20 seconds.