Zookeeper’s fierce dance in a giraffe enclosure wins him legions of fans under coronavirus lockdown

Melbourne Zoo: Zookeeper’s giraffe enclosure dance wins legions of fans

An Australian zookeeper has won worldwide fame by dancing away the coronavirus blues with a snap of his rainbow fan.

Australia’s Melbourne Zoo has restricted visitor numbers to just 2,000 people a day to allow for social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

With many would-be visitors being turned away, the zoo has begun live streaming its animals for people to enjoy while in isolation at home.

But it was a keeper named Adam who turned out to be the most popular by providing viewers with some much-needed comic relief in the giraffe enclosure.

As Adam cautiously steps in front of the Giraffe Cam and glances around him it seems as though he’s been caught unawares – but as soon as he whips out the rainbow fan it’s clear this man is loving every second of the spotlight.

The video has no sound so we can’t be sure what song he was dancing to, but PinkNews can confirm that Boney M’s “Rasputin” is clearly the perfect fit.

Unassuming visitors can be seen in the background checking out the giraffes, oblivious to the real performance happening just metres away from them.

But after one incredible minute the zookeeper ended his routine with a wink and a snap of his fan, then sashayed away.

The footage was spotted by a Reddit user who alerted people to the “absolute legend on Melbourne Zoo live-stream”, and the video instantly went viral.

Adam has since become an internet sensation, with news stations around the world all sharing the footage.

It wasn’t long before Zoos Victoria got in on the fun and brought out a challenger for a dance battle. Someone get that penguin a fan!