Cher cured her lockdown boredom with an ‘ask me anything’ and it was equal parts hilarious and eye-opening

Cher smiling

Cher interrupted her regularly scheduled dragging of Donald Trump to bring us some insights into her legendary career and colourful home life.

Having recently devoted her timeline to criticising the White House response to coronavirus, the pop icon announced it was time to switch things up with an “ask me anything” session.

Among the first to pose a question was a fan who asked for her favourite memory of her best friend Paulette ‘Pauly’ Howell. Her response was high-key relatable.

Continuing the theme of friends and family, the singer shared an adorable story about her younger son, Elijah.

Moving on to music, Cher revealed that her favourite songs to perform are ‘Song for the Lonely’, ‘Heart of Stone’ and ‘The Fall’ – but said she couldn’t single out her most-loved album.

When one fan lamented that they’d never heard ‘The Fall’ live, she promised teased that ‘some day’, she will perform her ‘favourite songs that were never hits’.

After confirming that she’s currently working on ‘many things to do with the coronavirus’, Cher – whose achievements include selling more than 100 million records, winning a Grammy, an Emmy and an Oscar and having number ones in six consecutive decades – admitted that she hopes to feel as though she’s made it ‘soon’.

Sadly, the singer left a number of highly pressing questions unanswered.

But fortunately, blessed us with this insight into her mind’s innermost workings