Comedian reveals what having a ‘gay best friend’ is really like: ‘They’re mean and obsessed with squatting’

Comedian Tess Gattuso broke down what having a "gay best friend" is like for her in a clip that proves they gays truly do not deserve rights. Not one bit, nope. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Does anyone remember that cursed film GBF, the one about how high school is a snake pit and the gay best friend trope is simply to be a must-have mean-girl accessory?

Or have we all considered that a cultural black hole and psychologically repressed it?

The “gay best friend” cliché has been a completely unwanted part of movie and television culture for decades.

They love to shop till they, indeed, drop, they’re wisecracking and sassy, platonic and never sexual and often devoid of a, well, a personality, but comedian Tess Gattuso is out to reveal what am off-screen GBF is really like.

Gattuso, a meme producer for Lights Out with David Spade, took to Twitter on Wednesday with a public service announcement: “Gay BFFs? Not as magical as Sex and the City said.”

Gay men are ‘mean, teenage girl mean, but enhanced by male privilege’.

In the precisely one-minute-long clip, the freelance writer and aspiring showrunner takes down the reality of what having a gay best friend is really like.

“Contrary to popular belief,” she explained in the clip,”having a gay best friend is not fun.”

“They are mean,” Gattuso said, as she showed off pictures of her GBF, Cameron, “teenage girl mean, but enhanced by male privilege.

“They are invincible to feminine charm.

“When I give puppy dog eyes to a straight guy, gay girl or straight girl, I get what I want.”

But, in contrast, gay men – otherwise known as Cameron – are immune, she said.

Gattuso, who is based in Los Angeles, also gives another bad point about being best friend with gay men – “They do not invite you to their gay dance parties.

“Please include me.”

And in their reign of tyranny, gay men are also constantly doing squats  and HIIT workouts so, “Therefore, have big muscles and, therefore, can eat whatever they want.”

She added: “Are gay dance parties a safe space that my presence would ruin? Yes.

“Do I stand by what I said? Yes.”

Best friends of gay men come together to support one another: ‘It’s true, gay guys are meanies!’

The clip went viral – tallying up nearly 8,000 likes in a half a day – as some points were definitely made by Gattuso here.

Countless women came together to form a ‘I have a GBF’ support group and urged fellow woman not to affiliate with the gay male agenda, while queer men accepted that, indeed, all the points had been made in this public service announcement.