Tiger King’s gay gun-toting redneck Joe Exotic asked Marilyn Manson to endorse him for governor

Marilyn Manson was approached by Tiger King star Joe Exotic on Instagram, angling for an endorsement. (Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Tiger King is wild and each day it outdoes itself after not only having a Britney Spears and a Michael Jackon plot twist, but now there’s a Marilyn Manson one, too.

In an Instagram post published Wednesday, the rocker revealed that when the titular Tiger King Joe Exotic was running for governor of Oklahoma, he reached out to Manson for an endorsement after, apparently, Manson, 51, followed Exotic, 56.

Because why not, to be blunt.

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Nope. Don’t Fuck With Cats.

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Joe Exotic messaged Marilyn Manson on Instagram because this is the world we live in. 

“Hey. Thanks for the follow,” the direct message from Exotic wrote, dated January 16, 2018.

“I’m running for governor of Oklahoma and trying to speak for the real people for a change and get some people to help with an addiction in this State that no one cares about.

“Would you endorse me? Not asking for money. Just to use your name as an endorsement.”

Manson issued his response in the post’s caption, writing: “Nope. Don’t f**k with cats.”

We honestly couldn’t tell you which aspect of this is more surreal. The fact Manson and exotic crossed paths or the fact Exotic didn’t address the “Sweet Dreams” singer by name.

The Tiger King tried to become US president. He’s now in prison.

It’s unclear whether Manson did respond directly to the message, but there is one underneath it time-stamped March 27, 2018. We can only imagine.

Exotic briefly jumped from creating tigers to the shark-infested waters of politics, as the docu-series follows him on the campaign trail in a bid to become US president and then governor.

However, he failed to make it beyond the primaries. Maybe with Manson’s endorsement things could have been different.

Tiger King: Netflix crime doc based on 'gun-toting gay redneck' Joe Exotic

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic was jailed for trying to have an animal rights activist murdered. (Netflix)

Exotic is currently carrying out a 22-year sentence in federal prison for attempting to hire a hit person to kill Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin.

The tiger wrangler’s lengthy rap sheet doesn’t end there, however.

Exotic was convicted last April on two counts of murder-for-hire, eight counts of violating the Lacey Act for falsifying wildlife records and nine counts of violating the Endangered Species Act.

This has all been a brilliant reminder of a world where we didn’t stand about as far away from one another as Avril Lavinge does with her fans at meet-and-greets.