Politician criticised for anti-trans views shows stunning lack of self-awareness by calling Pride leader an ‘idiot’

anti trans Jason White

A Yakima, Washington State council member who was heckled for his anti-trans views attempted to defend himself by calling his city’s Pride leader an “idiot”.

Jason White was criticised after sharing an article celebrating two horrific anti-trans bills recently signed into law in Idaho.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the state’s Republican governor Brad Little effectively declared open season on trans people, outlawing changes to gender markers on birth certificates and banning schools and colleges from letting transgender girls take part in girls’ sports.

White shared an article about the anti-trans measures to Facebook and wrote: “Thank you Idaho for having the wherewithal to stand up and not allow boys to compete against girls.

“I’m all for identifying however you please. Heck, my hybrid Honda identifies as a Prius and I’m okay with that, but it’s still a Honda.

“Not anti-transgender legislation, it’s pro equality.”

Cristina Ortega, president of Yakima Pride, released a video statement in response to White’s “very hateful message”.

She said: “A council member takes an oath to represent their community and constituents, to help them feel safe, welcome, and to help their voices be heard.

“Today, Councilman White went against his oath.

He has shown his LGBTQ constituents that he does not respect nor care about them or their safety.

“With his statement he has truly minimised the lived experiences that our transgender brothers and sisters have endured, making light or a joke out of a subject that has, and continues, to cost transgender individuals their lives.

“Councilman White’s public post has now placed many LGBTQ constituents in fear of the lack of safety, support and unbiased representation by an elected official here in Yakima.”

Ortega added that Yakima Pride was calling for the mayor and other council members to assure their LGBT+ constituents that they do not agree with White in “response to this hurtful and discriminatory behaviour”.

When local TV station KAPP-KVEW asked White to comment on the statement, he replied: “Christina Ortega is an idiot. That’s all I have to say.”

He later shared the video of Ortega publicly on Facebook and wrote: “Christina Ortega is an idiot and is making the entire LGBTQ community look irrational.

“I stand behind the decision Idaho took to protect little girls. Identify as you may, but you will not impose you’re [sic] radical ideology on the rest of us.”