Nicki Minaj just came out as heterosexual on new Doja Cat remix: ‘Used to be bi now I’m just hetero’

Nicki Minaj said she used to be bisexual on Doja Cat’s “Say So” remix, and added to the ever-increasing bizarreness of 2020 by coming out as “hetero”.

The rapper was enlisted by Doja Cat to remix the chart-climbing song, taken from her sophomore album, 2019’s Hot Pink.

In the fresh spin on the track, Minaj takes on a verse that sees her rap: “Tell Mike Jordan send me my retros / Used to be bi now I’m just hetero.”

Well, there you go, folks.

Nicki Minaj once ‘claimed’ to be bisexual early on in her career.

The line appears to be a nod to the early years of the “Superbass” hitmaker’s career when rumours swirled that Minaj was bisexual.

Indeed, in a 2010 interview with the Rolling Stone, the star tampered speculation about her sexuality. It stated: “Early in her career Minaj claimed to be bisexual”.

She told the publication that when starting out as a rapper, she claimed to be bi to “get attention”.

“I think girls are sexy,” she’s quoted as saying. “But I’m not going to lie and say that I date girls.”

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Nicki Minaj. (Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Drai’s Beachclub-Nightclub)

Nicki Minaj bars about how she ‘used to be bi’ divides LGBT+ fans. 

Nicki Minaj’s “bisexual” bar on the “Say So” remix has divided her fanbase.

Some stans voiced that there is nothing wrong with her identifying as bisexual and then, perhaps later on in her life, realising she more identifies with being straight.

Her experiences, they stressed, are perfectly valid, even if her bars lack the nuance needed for conversations around sexual identities and the journeys they are.

As many explained, sexuality is fluid and not fixed. A label does not guarantee permanence, and is above all a personal experience.

Some fans did however argue that if her claims of bisexuality were in fact just for attention, then Minaj is a perpetrator of the culture of bi-erasure that belittles the bisexual community.

Her comments and the bars would then instead fuel and speak towards toxic, barbed assumptions that bisexuality is a “phase” and bi folk must “choose a side”.

When shooting down rumours of her sexuality in 2011, Minaj simply said: “I say whatever I want in my songs and just leave it at that.”