Finally, Disney Plus is getting new LGBT+ content with this heartwarming story about a man coming out to his parents

Disney+ Out short film gay

An animated short film about a queer man coming out to his parents is coming to Disney Plus tomorrow, and the trailer has us feeling all kinds of emotions.

The film, called Out, follows a queer man as he tries to work up the courage to open up to his parents when they come to visit.

In the trailer, the man holds a framed photograph of himself sharing an intimate moment with a man called Manuel.

“Just look them in the eyes and say, ‘Mom, Dad, I’m –'” he says to his dog, before the sound of the doorbell interrupts him.

The new Disney Plus short film Out follows a queer man trying to come out to his parents.

When he answers the door, he lets out a shrill scream as he realises that his parents are at the door – and he is still holding the framed photograph.

He hides the photograph, but that doesn’t work out too well, judging by the trailer.

His dog then tries to help by hiding the photo in a drawer, but it looks like the man’s secret could be at risk of being discovered.

The Out trailer has garnered its fair share of love from the LGBT+ community on Twitter, with many praising Disney Plus for its attempts at representation.

Others pointed out that Disney Plus basically said “gay rights!”

Meanwhile, some Twitter users pointed out that this short film will upset all the right people.

The new short film will come as a welcome addition to Disney Plus for LGBT+ subscribers.

The streaming platform recently came under fire when it sent a Love, Simon spin-off to Hulu because it was too ‘adult’.

The streaming platform came under fire earlier this year when it was revealed that it had passed on a planned Love, Simon spin-off, called Love, Victor, because it was too “adult”.

The spin-off, it was announced, would premiere on Hulu instead because Disney execs were reportedly concerned that exploring a character’s sexuality would not resonate with family audiences.

Due to the half-hour show’s “adult themes”, the “family-focused” service made the move not to feature the spin-off and will instead drop it on the also Disney-owned Hulu.

Specifically, the adult themes cited include alcohol use, marital issues among parents and “sexual exploration”, the outlet said. The source said that executives feared that families would not watch shows with such themes with “young kids”.

Disney Plus, the company’s main streaming arm, also carted High Fidelity to Hulu. A modern adaptation of the Nick Hornby classic, it centres on a bisexual Brooklynite reaching out to her five former flames.