Canada’s Drag Race star Tynomi Banks speaks out after tense elimination: ‘I just don’t give a s**t what people say’

Tynomi Banks

Canada’s Drag Race said goodbye to its very own lip-sync assassin, Tynomi Banks in its tensest episode to date.

The top nine returned to the maple leaf werk room this week to tackle the second sewing challenge of the season.

Judge Stacey McKenzie asked the queens to turn trash into treasure, splitting them into groups of three and tasking them with creating a collection of garments out of recycling materials.

Jimbo, Tynomi Banks and Ilona Verley were given paper, which they transformed into a stunning royalty-inspired gown for Jimbo and so-so knight looks for Tynomi and Ilona.

All three were reviewed harshly, with Jimbo’s make-up as well as the quality of Tynomi and Ilona’s outfits being read to filth by the judges – Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman’s critiques notably giving birth to a new meme.

Tynomi landed in the bottom two for the third week running along with Ilona, and despite her teammate’s initial attempts to sit out the lip-sync, Tynomi was ultimately asked to sashay away.

Canada’s Drag Race ‘bigger than I expected’, says Tynomi Banks.

Speaking after her elimination, Tynomi said that appearing on Canada’s Drag Race has been a true career highlight.

“Being part of the first ever cast of this show is amazing,” she said.

“And I’m especially proud to be Black and on the show. I’m always on the lookout for my next big opportunity, but this is bigger than what I expected.”

Asked what she considers her greatest strength to be, Tynomi said that she’s proud of her fierce personality.

“I just don’t really give a s**t what people say,” she said.

“I’ve never felt peer pressure to do the wrong thing. I’m confident and I have integrity.

“Also, my performance skills are on point. I imagine myself in the world of the lyrics and just connect with the audience. But if we’re talking physically, my bum and my legs!”

Canada’s Drag Race is available on BBC iPlayer with new episodes arriving Fridays.