Kylie Minogue descends from the heavens on a bronze stallion in psychedelically-camp new video for Say Something

Kylie Minogue atop a bronze horse

Kylie Minogue descended from the heavens barebacking a bronze stallion to rescue the gays from the drudgery of their lives.

The goddess of Disco gave unto the homosexuals the video for “Say Something”, a glittering, psychedelic explosion of camp.

Kylie dances and smoulders cross a field of stars, shooting lasers out of her hands, flying on a hovercraft and riding atop the aforementioned bronze stallion, belting out the “galactic disco” bop.

The “Say Something” video is directed by Sophie Muller – who Kylie previously collaborated with on “Dancing”, and who has also worked with Rihanna, Beyonce, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gwen Stefani, Annie Lennox, basically, anybody with taste — and was filmed under lockdown.

Released Friday (August 7), the immediate reaction was one of calm restraint.

Just kidding, the gays obviously went wild.

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Kylie Minogue to follow ‘Say Something’ with more Disco.

“Say Something” is the first single from Kylie Minogue’s 15th studio album, Disco.

Earlier this year the singer told GQ that the record is for “grown-ups [who] need some pure pop fun.”

“The songs that are pure escapism have even stronger purpose,” she said.

Landing hot on the heels of Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia and Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure?, Kylie acknowledged that disco is having a moment.

“It’s all cyclical, right?” she said

“I loved disco as an eight-year-old, so it’s been a long love affair. I’m loving the modern interpretations of the genre now.”

She added: “There’s a lot of early 2000s love around at the moment.

“Both feel like good times for me, so I’m channelling that into this record.”

Kylie previously told PA that she had set up a home recording studio in her living room so she could keep creating music during the pandemic.

“It’s been a steep learning curve for all the team as there are technical obstacles to navigate but I’m so thankful to be able to continue work on my album in this way,” she said.

“I’ve been riding the emotional wave along with the rest of the world, but creativity has to be a bit help.”