Drag Race star Brita Filter ‘tried to hurt herself’ after toxic, racist bullying from so-called fans became ‘too much to bear’

Brita Filter

Drag Race star Brita Filter revealed that she attempted to “hurt herself” following months of abuse from online trolls.

The season 12 queen was swamped with online harassment from so-called fans due to her heated relationship with fellow contestant Aiden Zhane, and her overall portrayal on the show.

She received threatening messages on social media platforms, with one man claiming that if he saw her “on the subway platform he would push me in front of a train if it was coming”.

Brita quit social media in August, except for Instagram, explaining that she need a break as she was on the verge of ending her own life.

In a recent interview on the Sean L. Show, Brita explained how the abuse led to her mental health deteriorating.

“I would go onto social media and there would be hundreds and hundreds of messages every single day. It got too much to bear,” she said.

“When someone starts to tell you you should kill yourself or how horrible of a person you are… You can try to brush it off, but it starts to get to you over time.”

Brita Filter was stuck in a constant cycle of racist bullying.

Brita Filter explained that as Drag Race aired in different countries, the hate became a non-stop cycle.

“It would start all over again – it would be hundred and hundreds of messages.”

Eventually, Brita “tried to hurt” herself by binging on alcohol and drugs.

“I threw up and I was passed out on my floor the next day. And I knew that I had to do something ‘cause I was going to hurt myself. And so I had to take a step back.”

Fortunately, she is on the road to recovey.

“I’m happy, well, I’m getting there,” she said. “I’m healthy, I’m with my family, I’m in beautiful Hawaii and you know I’m grateful that I have this platform where I can make a difference and I can make a change and I can also be that hope for other people.”

Brita is of Polynesian descent, and many have noted the racism apparent in the treatment she has received.

Many Drag Race queens of colour, in particular Black drag queens, have been vocal about the discrimination they are subjected to from so-called fans of the franchise.

Recently, but not for the first time, a group of queen spoke about the harassment and bullying they have faced.

Heidi N Closet, Mayhem Miller, Widow Von’Du, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, Latrice Royale and The Vixen came together out of drag to tell their stories and to call for an end to the racist abuse they receive.

Brita Filter was also recently announced as the co-chair of Drag Out The Vote: a nonprofit organisation which sees drag artists educate people on voting.

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