Lady Gaga recreates her most iconic looks – yes, including the meat dress – in powerful election video

Lady Gaga voting plea Donald Trump

Lady Gaga has delivered a powerful plea urging people to get out and vote in the 3 November presidential election to help “change the system”.

The pop star appealed to the American people to vote in a video shared on social media on Friday (30 October), in which she donned various iconic outfits from her legendary career, including the famous meat-dress, her Super Bowl costume, and the outfit she wore in the music video for “Poker Face” more than a decade ago.

“So, the election,” Lady Gaga said in the video. “This coming Tuesday. We’re almost there. We need to talk.”

She went on to thank those who have already voted, and continued: “If you voted, while I applaud you, I don’t need to talk to you. I need to talk to people who don’t ave a plan to vote, are undecided, people who are unsure if they even believe in voting at all.

“I believe no matter how you feel right now about the election, you are still accountable.”

Lady Gaga urged people to vote in the presidential election to help ‘change this system’.

“Maybe you’re sick of all the fighting or you’re frustrated by COVID and don’t want to deal with it, or maybe you dislike all the candidates, or maybe you feel so discouraged by the state of our nation that you’ve decided you don’t believe in voting because you feel it’s better not to be part of the system – the system you don’t like.”

She continued: “If you want to change this system, if you want this country to be different than it is right now, you have got to participate in this election.

“When they announce who has won the election, it will be very clear what this country has become. The government is not going away tomorrow and unless you have a plane ticket to another country and somewhere that you’re gonna live, this is going to be your home.

If you want to change this system, if you want this country to be different than it is right now, you have got to participate in this election.

“I’m telling you that no matter how you feel your future is still in your hands with this vote. What you choose to do will affect you. and the fact is that the most critical vote right now is the one this country may never get to see, it’s yours.”

The “Stupid Love” singer said there are many reasons to vote, but implored the American people to vote “in honour of someone you love”.

“Vote in honour of someone you have lost, someone you know who would stand in line for hours at the polls but can’t because they are no longer with us. Vote in honour of all the voices that have less power, or maybe vote for the future children whose voices have yet to be heard. The future voices who will inherit this home.”

The singer has a been a vocal critic of Donald Trump throughout his presidency.

“Let’s be real: you know who I voted for. But believe me and listen to me now, even if you disagree with me, your vote still matters to the world.”

She added: “You can vote early but you can’t vote late, and Tuesday is your last shot. My voice will be heard this election. Will yours?”

Lady Gaga has been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump throughout his presidency. In June, she slammed the US president for his “ignorance and prejudice” as riots and protests spread across the country following the brutal killing of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer.

“We have known for a long time that president Trump has failed,” she wrote at the time.

“He holds the most powerful office in the world, yet offers nothing but ignorance and prejudice while Black lives continue to be taken.

“We have known he is a fool, and a racist, since he took office.”