Sam Smith reveals they ‘feel so much pleasure – sexually and personally’ since coming out as non-binary

Sam Smith

Sam Smith said that since coming out as non-binary they “feel so much pleasure, sexually and personally”.

When chatting to Fearne Cotton on her Happy Place podcast, Smith revealed how being unapologetically themself has opened their eyes.

“I have to say, being non-binary my whole life, I feel so much pleasure, sexually, personally, all these things,” they said.

“I move and express myself in ways that are just wonderful and I do see people restrict themselves sometimes into this corner because that’s what they’ve been told to do and that’s what they think is correct.”

The 28-year-old implored people to “wear some heels and a skirt and you want to dance if you want to express yourself in a certain way”.

“Why would you deny yourself that pleasure, because it’s ‘gay’ or because ‘that’s too queer’?”

Smith added: “It’s about trying to be limitless I think, and to be limitless you have to dare greatly, right?

“And be ready for it to go wrong sometimes, or feel weird. I can’t express enough to people the freedom you feel from just enjoying your body, and enjoying your mind and enjoying your life.”

Sam Smith: The music industry needs to do more to accept queer artists.

Sam Smith told Fearne Cotton about the difficulties of being themself in the music industry.

They said: “For me, in terms of being myself fully in my career, that was all about my queerness.

“But I do come up against it and that’s hard.

“I’m in a position that not many people have been in, in terms of pop music singing.”

The singer compared their coming out as non-binary in music to someone coming out in an office environment, one that has proved trying for them as one of the first to do so.

“In a workplace, it’s a new topic and there are new struggles that I come up against and I will continue to come up against,” they reflected.