Joe Biden’s one simple promise undeniably proves he’ll be a better president than Donald Trump

Joe Biden holding up one hand, making a vow

US president-elect Joe Biden has said he will lead the “most pro-equality administration in history” when he takes office in January.

The incoming president made the pledge on Friday (4 December) in a pre-recorded message at an event for the LGBTQ Victory Institute, which champions LGBT+ political candidates.

The event saw Nancy Pelosi, speaker in the House of Representatives, honoured with the inaugural LGBTQ History Maker Award for her role advocating inclusion in politics.

Biden told the gathering: “A historic number of LGBTQ people ran for office this year, and they won, many of them. It’s an honour not only to be an ally but to have been on the ballot with all of you.

“Vice president-elect [Kamala] Harris and I are committed to being the most pro-equality administration in history. But we can’t do it without you, and we can’t do it without my dear friend, Nancy Pelosi.”

US President-elect Joe Biden praised Nancy Pelosi

US president-elect Joe Biden praised Nancy Pelosi (Alex Wong/Getty)

He continued: “Nancy, congratulations on receiving the Victory Institute‘s History Maker Award. You deserve it. Three decades in congress, always on the right side of LGBTQ history. Always.

“And the fact that you can receive a History Maker Award for that and so much more is testament to your character.

“It’s a testament to the life’s work to make real the promise of this country that you’ve been devoted to, that we’re all created equal and deserve to be treated equally, and with dignity and respect.”

Biden added: “You’re a dear, dear friend, Nancy. You really are. You’re an American treasure.

“I can’t wait to work together again with you to continue to fight for full equality and to usher in a new era of LGBTQ rights and the entire movement.”

Joe Biden is planning rapid changes, but may struggle to deliver broad reforms.

A report last month suggested Joe Biden is planning to rapidly unpick Donald Trump’s anti-LGBT+ actions when he takes office in January.

The incoming leader is expected to use executive powers to undo some of the damage done by his predecessor, with the ban on transgender military personnel and Trump’s ‘freedom to discriminate’ rules destined for the bonfire.

Biden will reaffirm Obama-era rules barring anti-LGBT+ discrimination for federal contractors and create high-level positions on LGBT+ rights at federal agencies including the State Department and the National Security Council.

However, without control of the Senate Biden may struggle to deliver on his promise to use his first 100 days to pass the Equality Act, which would amend civil rights laws and ban anti-LGBT+ discrimination in all 50 states.

Republicans are currently narrowly favoured to narrowly retain control of the Senate, pending the results of two key run-off elections in Georgia.